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1799 21 Mar Fath-`Alí Sháh's son, `Abbás Mírzá (aged 9), was designated Crown Prince of Persia. Fath-`Alí Sháh; - Shahs; Abbas Mírzá; Qajar dynasty; History (general); Iran, General history; Iran
1799 in the year Napoleon, returning from Egypt, captured Jaffa and laid siege to Acre.

At this juncture the French in Egypt were being threatened by the British Fleet under Commodore Sir Sidney Smith, while a Turkish army was assembling in Syria. Napoleon's object was to compel the Ottoman Government to come to terms with France. He defeated the Turks on the Plain of Jezreel, and advanced as far as Nazareth and Safed; but he failed to capture Acre after a two month siege and the loss of most of his best soldiers, gallantly defended by Sidney Smith. By the beginning of June, 1799, Napoleon had withdrawn from Palestine. [Handbook of Palestine edited by H C Luke and E Keith Roach, McMillan, London, 1922 pp22-23]

Napoleon I; History (general); War; Akka, Israel; Israel; Palestine
1798 1 Jul The start of the French invasion of Egypt. It ended in a military disaster for France, albeit a political springboard for the 29-year old future emperor but it was a cultural and scientific enterprise that played a crucial role in the development of modern Egypt. The objectives were to free Egypt from the tyranny of the Mamluk ruling warrior class and to cut off Britain's trade route to India. It was the first major incursion of a European power into a central country of the Islamic world since the Crusades.

Although the plan to colonize Egypt failed it did inaugurate an era of intensive and prolonged rivalry between Britain and France, soon to be joined by Russia. The Age of Colonization had begun. In 1814 35% of the world was ruled by the colonial powers. By 1914 it was 85%.

The French captured Alexandria easily and were victorious in the Battle of the Pyramids, however the British under Horatio Nelson sunk the French fleet in the Battle of the Nile in August. The British and the Ottomans laid siege to Acre in May of 1799 at the same time a plague epidemic struck the French soldiers. Napoleon fled back to dance in August of 1799 abandoning his troops to an eventual surrender in August of 1801.

After the expulsion of Napoleon's troops from Egypt by a combined British-Ottoman operation in 1801, Egypt underwent, under Muhammad Ali Pasha (1805-48). a period of comprehensive reforms. The elimination of the Mamluk feudal lords, the confiscation of their lands and the establishment of a state-controlled monopoly of the chief products, mainly cotton, enabled the enlightened ruler to initiate an extensive program of socio-economic change. Industries flourished, military and medical academies were established, students were sent abroad to study in Paris. A modern army was built up and the Egyptian navy soon surpassed the Ottoman navy which controlled the Eastern Mediterranean. [Wikipedia; Colonialism, Nationalism and Jewish Immigration to Palestine: Abdu'l-Baha's Viewpoints Regarding the Middle East by Kamran Ekbal p26-27; Napoleon and the Scientific Expedition to Egypt]

1798 21 Mar Fath-`Alí Khán was crowned second Qájár Sháh during Naw-Rúz festival. Fath-`Alí Sháh; - Shahs; - Shahs, Throne changes; Qajar dynasty; History (general); Iran, General history; Iran
1797 c. Aug Crown Prince Fath-`Alí Mírzá assumed leadership of Persia. (1797 (or 1798) to 1834) Fath-`Alí Sháh; - Shahs; - Shahs, Throne changes; Qajar dynasty; History (general); Iran, General history; Iran
1797 17 Jun Áqá Muhammad Khán, leader of the Qájárs, (b. 5 September, 1772, d. 23 October, 1834) proclaimed himself Sháh of Persia; beginning of Qájár dynasty. He ruled until the 23rd of October, 1834. [AY213, Wikipedia]

The Qajar dynasty lasted until 1925. [Wikipedia]

Aqa Muhammad Khan; Qajar dynasty; - Shahs; - Shahs, Throne changes; History (general); Iran, General history; Iran
1797 Birth of Siyyid Kázim-i-Rashtí, in Rasht. Shaykhism; Siyyid Kazim-i-Rashti; Births and deaths; Rasht, Iran; Iran
c. 1783 Birth of Mírzá `Abbás-i-Irivání, later Prime Minister Hájí Mírzá Áqásí, in Máh-Kú. - Prime Ministers of Iran; - Prime Ministers; Hájí Mírzá Aqasi; Births and deaths; Mah-Ku, Iran; Iran
c. 1778 Birth of Mírzá Muhammad Riday-i-Shírází, the father of the Báb. Mírzá Muhammad Rida; Births and deaths; Báb, Family of; Shíráz, Iran; Iran
1771 Birth of Fath-`Alí Khán (later Sháh) in Shíráz. He ruled from 1797 (or 1798) to 1834. Fath-`Alí Sháh; - Shahs; Births and deaths; Qajar dynasty; Shíráz, Iran; Iran
1753 Birth of Shaykh Ahmad Ahsá'í in the village of Mutayrafí in the Ahsá region, the hinterland of Bahrayn. (Bahrain)
  • See Episodes by Marzieh Gail in World Order Volume 5 Issue 3 p6.
  • Shaykh Ahmad-i-Ahsai; Shaykhism; Births and deaths; Mutayraff; Bahrain

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