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1839 As the eldest son, after the passing of Mírzá Buzurg, Bahá'u'lláh assumed His place as the head of the family. According to the custom He was expected to succeed to His father's position in the Ministry but He refused.

One of His first acts as the head of the family was to free the slaves who were engaged in serving the household. All took the liberty to leave but Isfandíyár and one woman elected to remain in service. [SoW Vol IX, April 28, 1918 p38-39, CH41]

Isfandiyar; Slavery; Mírzá Buzurg; Bahá'u'lláh, Life of (chronology); Bahá'u'lláh, Basic timeline; - Basic timeline, Expanded; Iran
1839 (In the year) Defeat of Persia at the hands of the British. [BBRSM55] War; British history; History (general); Iran, General history; Iran
1839 (In the year) Passing of Mírzá Buzurg. His body was taken to Najaf, Iraq where he was interred. [BBD49; BKG17; BNE23–4]
  • In 1957 the remains of Mírzá Buzurg were located and transferred. [MBW175]
  • Mírzá Buzurg; Bahá'u'lláh, Family of; Bahá'u'lláh, Life of (chronology); In Memoriam; Births and deaths; Cemeteries and graves; Bahá'u'lláh, Basic timeline; - Basic timeline, Expanded; Najaf, Iran; Iraq
    1838 (In the year) Manúchihr Khán was appointed Governor of Isfahán. [BBR167] Manuchihr Khan; - Governors; Isfahan, Iran; Iran
    c. 1837 Birth of Mírzá Muhammad Mustafáy-i-Baghdádí, Apostle of Bahá'u'lláh, in Iraq. Muhammad Mustafa Baghdadi; - Apostles of Bahá'u'lláh; Births and deaths; Iraq
    1837 (In the year) Birth of Hájí Siyyid Muhammad-Hasan, Sultánu'sh-Shuhadá' (`King of Martyrs'), in Isfahán. Mírzá Muhammad-Hasan (King of Martyrs); King of Martyrs and Beloved of Martyrs; Births and deaths; Isfahan, Iran; Iran
    1836 (In the year) The Carmelite Monastery and church were constructed near the cave of Elijah. It was influential in attracting Christians to Haifa. [SYHp9] Carmelite monastery, Israel; Stella Maris monastery, Haifa; Haifa, Israel; Mount Carmel MERGE
    1835 Nov c. Hájí Mírzá Áqásí, the former tutor of the Shah became the Prime Minister of Persia. His inexperience in administration and finance combined with entrenched corruption, incompetence and a soaring budget deficit in the government nearly bankrupted the country making it ripe for revolution.
  • Seefor a brief history of this man.
  • - Prime Ministers of Iran; - Prime Ministers; Hájí Mírzá Aqasi; Iran
    1835 - 1836 Siyyid 'Ali Muhammad (the Báb) moved to Bushihr to manage his uncles' business interests in that city. He stayed there for five or six years. [HotD19, DB77note1, Bab39-41] Báb, Life of (chronology); Báb, Shop of; Business; Báb, Basic timeline; - Basic timeline, Expanded; Bushihr, Iran; Iran
    1835 Oct Marriage of Mírzá Husayn-`Alí (Bahá'u'lláh) to Ásíyih Khánum. [BKG23; RB1:382]
  • She was the daughter of a nobleman Mirza Isma'il-l-Vazie from Yalrud. [CoB117, BKG23, RoB1p382, BPP44, SoG6]
  • Bahá'u'lláh, Life of (chronology); Bahá'u'lláh, Wives of; Weddings; Navvab (Asiyih Khanum); Bahá'u'lláh, Basic timeline; - Basic timeline, Expanded
    1835 (In the year) Birth of Hájí Siyyid Muhammad-Husayn, Mahbúbu'sh-Shuhadá' (`Beloved of Martyrs'), in Isfahán. Mírzá Muhammad-Husayn (Beloved of Martyrs); King of Martyrs and Beloved of Martyrs; Births and deaths; Isfahan, Iran; Iran
    1835 (In the year) Birth of Mírzá Áqá Ján-i-Kashání (Khadimu'lláh), Apostle of Bahá'u'lláh and His amanuensis. Mírzá Aqa Jan; Amanuensis; - Apostles of Bahá'u'lláh; Births and deaths
    1834 9 Sep The end of the reign of Fath-`Alí Sháh and the accession of his grandson, Muhammad Sháh. [B7; BBD83, 164; BBR153, 482]
  • Fifty–three sons and 46 daughters survived Fath-`Alí Sháh. [B7]
  • After his accession Muhammad Sháh executed the Grand Vizier, the Qá'im Máqám, the man who had raised him to the throne. He then installed his tutor, Hájí Mírzá Áqásí, to the position (1835). During his first year in office Hájí Mírzá Áqásí succeeded in removing most of the supporters of the previous prime minister from power, filling their positions with his own appointees from Máh-Kú. Among those removed from power was Mírzá Buzurg Núrí, Bahá'u'lláh's father. [B10–11]
  • See BBD164 for picture.
  • See B11–122 for the relationship between the Sháh and his new Grand Vizier, Hájí Mírzá Áqásí.
  • For details on the life of Hájí Mírzá Áqásí see BBD19.
  • For an example of Hájí Mírzá Áqásí's machinations against Bahá'u'lláh and others see DB120-122.
  • Fath-`Alí Sháh; Muhammad Sháh; - Shahs; - Grand Viziers; - Prime Ministers of Iran; - Prime Ministers; Hájí Mírzá Aqasi; Iran, General history; Iran
    1832 (In the year) The first of the American missionaries went to Persia to explore the possibility of establishing a base for the activities of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. The work of many others who succeeded him continued until 1934 when the government imposed regulations that drastically restricted the nature of their educational work in Iran. Although the missionaries were successful in educational and medical work they failed in their main objective, which was to evangelize not only Persia, but all of Asia. However, their schools, colleges and hospitals had contributed to the diffusion of western ideals and the standard of education. They established an educational system from the primary to the college level in a country that had no secular education system. [American Missionaries in Iran, 1834-1934 by Mansoori, Ahmad] iiiii Missionaries; Iran first American missionaries in Persia
    1831 29 Jul Birth of Nabíl-i-A`zam, Muhammad-i-Zarandí, Apostle of Bahá'u'lláh. ["Nabil-e Aʿẓam Zarandi, Mollā Moḥammad," by Vahid Rafati, Encyclopædia Iranica] Nabil-i-Azam; - Apostles of Bahá'u'lláh; Births and deaths; Zarand; Iran
    1831 17 Jul Birth of Násiri'd-Dín Mírzá, later Sháh. Nasirid-Din Sháh; Qajar dynasty; Births and deaths; Iran
    1831 – 1840 Egyptian occupation of `Akká. [BBR202; DH128; Colonialism, Nationalism and Jewish Immigration to Palestine: Abdu'l-Baha's Viewpoints Regarding the Middle East by Kamran Ekbal p3, 20]
  • 'Abdu'lláh Páshá was the governor of 'Akká from 1819 to 1831. In 1832 when the Egyptians took the city he surrendered and was taken to Egypt. He was freed in 1840 when the area reverted to Turkish rule. [BBD5]
  • History (general); `Abdu'lláh Páshá; Akka, Israel; Palestine; Israel; Egypt; Turkey
    1831 (In the year) At the age of 12 Mulla Husayn finished his studies in Bushíhr and went to Mashhad, the most prestigious centre of religious study in Iran. In 1830-1 he relocated to Karbala to study under Siyyid Kázim. Mashhad is where the remains of the Eighth Imám, 'Alí Ibn Musa'r-Ridá are enshrined in the holiest Shi'ih site in Iran. [MH7-8; MH113] Mulla Husayn; Siyyid Kazim-i-Rashti; Karbala, Iraq; Iraq; Mashhad, Iran; Bushihr, Iran; Iran
    c. 1831 Birth of Mírzá Yahyá (Subh-i-Azal), half brother of Bahá'u'lláh. Mírzá Yahya (Subh-i-Azal); Births and deaths; Bahá'u'lláh, Family of; Mazandaran, Iran; Iran
    1830 Jan c. Birth of Hájí Mírzá Muhammad Taqí Afnán (Vakílu'd-Dawlih), maternal uncle of the Báb, who supervised and largely paid for the building of the Mashriqu'l-Adhkár in `Ishqábád. Hájí Muhammad-Taqi Afnan (Vakilud-Dawlih); Afnan; Báb, Family of; Vakilud-Dawlih; Mashriqu'l-Adhkár, Ishqabad; Births and deaths; Ashgabat; Turkmenistan
    c. 1830 Marriage of Táhirih to her cousin Mullá Muhammad, the son of Mullá Taqí. [TB25] Weddings; Tahirih; Mulla Muhammad; Mulla Taqi; Iran

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