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TITLEBaha'u'llah's Long Healing Prayer: Parallel Translation and Notes on Iterations / Recensions
AUTHOR 1Daniel Azim Pschaida
ABSTRACTComparison of minor variations between two published versions of Bahá'u'lláh's Long Healing Prayer, a transliteration parallel with the authorized translation, a memorandum from the Universal House of Justice, and a scan of the Arabic original.
NOTES See also the author's Youtube video of his Wilmette Institute presentation "The Long Healing Prayer of Bahá'u'lláh: The Metaphysics of Unity" (July 2020), his presentation notes [PDF, offsite], and Bahá'u'lláh's 'Long Healing Prayer' (Lawḥ-i-Anta'l-Káfí) in light of a Metaphysics of Unity (2022). And see Long Healing Prayer: Original Arabic, Transliteration, and Translation (Utterance Project, 2021).

Recipient's names in the first two letters retained with permission.

TAGS* Prayer texts; - Parallel translation; Bahá'u'lláh, Poetry of; God, Names of; Healing prayer, Long; Health and healing; Poetry; Translation; Transliteration
  1. Short letter from the Universal House of Justice, 2019/09/23
  2. Short letter from the Universal House of Justice, 2020/04/22
  3. Long Healing Prayer, translation and transliteration
  4. Some Long Healing Prayer recitations on the web
  5. Notes
  6. Long Healing Prayer, Arabic

1. Short letter from the Universal House of Justice
to Daniel Pschaida, 2019 September

2. Short letter from the Universal House of Justice
to Ramine Yazhari, 2020 April

3. Long Healing Prayer, authorized translation with provisional transliteration

4. Some Long Healing Prayer recitations on the web (as of January 16, 2022)


The Utterance Project produced a presentation of the Long Healing Prayer in Arabic with both Arabic and English subtitles in 2021. Mr. Adib Masumian, the reciter, is Persian-American, yet he has closely studied Arabic and formal Arabic pronunciation rules and sounds.

Arabic Baha’i Prayers أدعية بهائية produced a complete musical chant, with guitar background, of the Long Healing Prayer, along with Arabic subtitles: The chanter, Ms. Sima Jaberi, is a native Arabic speaker, raised and lives in an Arabic-speaking country.

Ms. Ahdieh Badiee, لوح مبارک شفا- اجرای عهدیه, published June 14, 2016, gives a beautiful chant of this prayer, without musical accompaniment: Ahdieh Badiee is Persian, yet there is typically at-most very slight phonemic differences with that of a native Arabic speaker.


Ms. Ghada Shawki presents a recitation of this prayer, with a musical background, with Arabic pronunciations: Uniquely, for some verses she pronounces the grammatical markers at the ends of the three initial names of God in a verse and for other verses she does not.

This one, posted by Ezzatollah Rouhani Seissan is chanted with beautiful instrumental accompaniment, دعای انت الکافی به زبان عربی, Published January 15, 2011, It is with a Persian dialect. (We should also note that neither Arabic nor Persian is a monolithic, homogenous dialect; rather there are many sub-dialects and pronunciation styles in each. One might listen to various uploads of recitation of the Persian Hidden Words to sample such differences.)

This one is read with an Arabic-dialect with piano accompaniment, Bahaidentity Joy, The Long Healing Prayer- لوح انت الكافي / لوح الشفاء, published January 11, 2018,

5. Notes (see original Arabic below)

6. Long Healing Prayer, Arabic, scan

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