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Pooria Sabetazm, painter, U.S.A.

Mark Sadan, photographer, U.S.A.

Fariburz Sahba, architect, Canada.

Adel Salmanzadeh painter, New Zealand

Alex Samyi, visual artist, Austria.

Imma Sarries - Zgnoc, dancer, choreographer, Belgium / Germany, Spain.

Sam Saté-Askew, poetry, U.K. (Iraq)

Julio Savi, poet, academic, Italy.

Birgitte Schaper, painting, Germany.

Jan Schaper, saxophonist, Finland.

Peter Scheffel, art events organizer, Germany.

Brigitte Schirren, textiles, Germany.

Sylvia Schulman Benatar, pianist, South Africa.

Hubert Schuurman, filmmaker, Canada.

Suzanne Schuurman, poet, writer, Canada.

Robert L. Schwarz, poet, writer, philosopher, U.S.A.

Valerie Senyk, playwright, poet, teaches theatre, Canada.

Seung Ki Kim, composition, arrangement, guitar, South Korea

Doug Shaffer, singer/songwriter, musician, U.S.A.

Joseph Sheppherd author, anthropologist, archaeologist, U.S.A.

Lindsey Shields, singer/songwriter, musician, New Zealand

Shin Young-Gu, performance, installations, South Korea.

Jan Sijsling (1919 - 2004), arts supporter, early member of BAFA, The Netherlands.

R.K. Singh, poet, teacher in literature, India.

Mustafa Skopljak, painting, sculpture, installations, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Maria Skrebtsova, poet and writer, Russia.

Anisa Skuce, paper-crafted, installations, Canada.

Bill Skuce, painter, Canada.

Cecilia Smith, co-organizer of the U.K. arts academy, visual artist, U.K.

Eugene Smith, singer/songwriter, musician, Canada.

Geoff and Michaela Smith, singer/songwriters, musicians, U.K.

Song Mi Ryoung, ceramic 'paintings' and objects, South Korea.

Janet Sono, theatre, Japan.

Jean South, composer / pianist, Luxembourg.

Jacomien Souverijn, painter, The Netherlands.

Thea Souwer, paintings, cards, The Netherlands.

Carolyn Sparey-Gillies, musician, composer, reviewer, U.K.

J. Sparrowhawk writer, U.S.A.

Pierre Spierckel, illustrator / painter / printmaker / bookbinding, France.

Spirit Village, folk/new age-like mix, Canada.

Jacqueline Stewart, glass artist, U.S.A.

Eugene Stijns, sculpture, The Netherlands.

Jasmina Stojanović, painting, installations, Serbia.

Justice St. Rain, graphic designer, U.S.A.

Egle' Surkyte', singer, dancer, Lithuania.

Tierney Sutton, vocalist, jazz singer, U.S.A.

Genek Swiech, arts coordinator, organizer of arts events, Denmark.

Monica Szymaniak, painter, printmaker, Poland.

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