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Sam Saté-Askew  

Poetry, U.K. (Iraq)

I am an Iraqi-born British Bahá´í (born 1960), grew up in the UK, and have travelled to several countries, including a spell in the Far East (1997-2001).

The words of the poem, Journey's End, were inspired during a study circle of the Ruhi course, and are dedicated to my Bahá´í brethern in Iraq. They describe the nature of the soul, its relationship to Baha'u'llah, and its journey through the Spiritual Worlds of God.

The poem, Forty Long Years, was inspired by Dan Seals's, 'We Are One Family' song. I dedicate this poem to World Unity and World Peace.

Any further ideas or suggestions of my poems would be greatly appreciated. I hope one day someone can suitably turn them into songs (if they are good enough). Contact me and I can email other poems to you.


Journey's End

The spirit of man
Not alone Not forsaken

A wayfarer exhilarated Elated
But never forgotten

The shores of His mercy and Benevolence
An eternal sanctuary

Celestial habitation for a heavenly dove
Soaring into the mystic realms of Sanctity

The King of Kings on the crown of Majesty
Re-creates the heavens and the Earth
Resplendent in a new glory

Heavenly hosts greeting, welcoming
Guiding companions
for a journey

Copyright © 2004 by Sam Saté-Askew

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