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Pierre Spierckel  

illustrator / painter / printmaker / bookbinder/ photographer, France.

Pierre in front of his studio,
Southern France, 1997.
Photo: S. van Kerkhoff

Monoprint by Pierre Spierckel, 1997.

Photograph by Pierre Spierckel, 2008

Photographs by Pierre Spierckel, 2008

  • Member of the BAFA board since 1993
  • 1993 - 1999: Produced the French language publication of BAFA, Le Bulletin
  • Review: The Theatre group: Diable par la Queue, Arts Dialogue, December 1995
  • Short Story: The Tree: BAFA newsletter, March 1994
  • Monoprint: BAFA newsletter, September 1993

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands