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Seung Ki Kim  

composer, arranger, guitarist, South Korea

photo to come

Photo to come

Material to come in late 2004

Heartfelt Connections, 2003
(produced in Seoul, South Korea).
16 tracks. All songs are sung in English except for Hal Men ("The Remover of Difficulties" in Korean to a composition by Seung Ki Kim) and Gotbatehseo (words and melody are by Elaine).

Vocals: Elaine M. Losey
Guest Vocalist: Seung Ki Kim
Acoustic guitar: Seung Ki Kim and Elaine M. Losey
Keyboard: Roy Kim
Choir: Hee Jin Koo, Sun Hee Hwang, Eun Joo Jang.
Stain glass image: Bob and Elaine Losey

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