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Elaine Merrill Losey  

singing, stain glass, South Korea / U.S.A.

photo to come

Photo to come
Elaine please email bafa(AT)Bahá´í about two or three paragraphs for this page, plus a photograph.

Heartfelt Connections, 2003
(produced in Seoul, South Korea).
16 tracks. All songs are sung in English except for Hal Men ("The Remover of Difficulties" in Korean to a composition by Seung Ki Kim) and Gotbatehseo (words and melody are by Elaine).

Vocals: Elaine M. Losey
Backing Vocals: Seung Ki Kim
Acoustic guitar: Seung Ki Kim and Elaine M. Losey
Keyboard: Roy Kim
Choir: Hee Jin Koo, Sun Hee Hwang, Eun Joo Jang.
Stain glass image: Bob and Elaine Losey

email: elaine[AT]

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