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Conrad Lambert, singer, musician, U.K.

Landegg Academy, Switzerland.

Teresa Henkle Langness writer, poet, editor, U.S.A.

Mark Laurent, singer, songwriter, guitarist, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Chuck Larson, stained glass sculpture, hangings, Alaska /Israel.

Lloyd Lawrence, performances, installations, sculpture, collages, drawing, U.S.A.

Bernard Leach, ceramics, U.K.

Tony Lee, poet, historian, editor, publisher, U.S.A.

Richard Leigh, composer, musician, U.K.

John Barnabas Leith, poet, U.K.

Andrej Lessovichenko, musicologist, Russia.

Franklin Lewis, middle eastern literatures, poet, U.S.A.

Susan Lewis Wright, singer/songwriter, music, arts organizer, U.S.A.

Juan Leyva, painter, Spain.

Liang Xiaoshan, printmaking (mostly etching), P.R. China

Light in the Darkness, music group, Italy.

Ariane (Opitz) Link, sculptor, Germany.

LineSync Architecture: Joseph Cincotta & Julie Lineberger, U.S.A.

Kevin Locke / Tokeya Inajin, dance / music, U.S.A.

Elaine Merrill Losey, singing, stain glass, South Korea / U.S.A.

Rita Lotfi, poet, Venezuela / U.S.A.

Albertina Lourenci, sustainable architecture, Brazil.

Roberto Lun, dance, choreography, Italy

Anne Lunt, actor, playwright, theatre director, teacher, U.S.A.

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