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Richard Leigh  

composer, musican, U.K.

Richard Leigh, 2004
Photo: Sonja van Kerkhoff.

Born in Liverpool, he studied composition and violin at the Birmingham Conservatory and the University of Huddersfield. His work embraces of music: vocal, world, choral, world, instrumental, and orchestral. He performs and writes for the trio, Kai, who perform world / folk music and Zingaresque, a youth world music group which performs on London's South Bank.

Breathe, 2003.
9 tracks. Recorded and published by Klarton Records,

Mystic Bird, a music cd dedicate to the 150th Anniversary of the death of Táhirih by Richard Leigh and Mina Beint. 2002.
11 tracks. Track contains lyrics (in English) that are based on one of Táhirih's poems. Recorded and published by Klarton Records,

Scroll down this page to hear some of his work:
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