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Anne Lunt  

author, U.S.A.

SCHOOL is a collection compiled by Anne Lawton Lunt, an author living in the Northwest U.S., of responses to the concept of school.

These views display a variety of voices, reflecting the human condition, hopes and aspirations in a time of great change.

EXCERPT (from the section Earliest Childhood Memory in School):

"In first grade, in Vancouver, B.C., I remember that after recess our teacher would line us up in front of our little classroom in two distinct rows: The boys's and the girls'. She waited till we were all quiet and in a straight line before we were allowed to resume the scholastic environment of our room. But I had to step sideways to the right, towards the girls' line and give the girl of my fancy a friendly nudge with my hand. The teacher, an elderly lady with glasses and a long gray dress started screaming. I didn't understand English yet, and didn't understand quite what was wrong. I did, however, understand the spaking she gave me then. It hurt and made me cry."

The volume can be purchased from Adelphi Press, 4-6 Effie Road, London SW6 1TD, U.K. for 3.95 British Pounds plus l.50 Pounds for postage and packing.

  • Letter: Arts Dialogue, March 1997

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