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TAGS: Ibn al-Farid; Mysticism; Nazm al-Suluk; Qasidiyyih-Varqaiyyih (Ode of the Dove); Sufism
LOCATIONS: Baghdad; Iraq; Sulaymaniyyih
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PhD thesis for Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

The Lover's Way:
A Critical Comparison of the Nazm al-Sulúk by Ibn al-Fárid with the Qasídih-yi Varqá'iyyih by Bahá'ulláh

by Brian A. Miller

This thesis is online at
About: This dissertation explores the textual and thematic relationships between Nazm al-Sulúk, or “Poem of the Way”, by Ibn al-Fárid, Abu al-Qásim `Umar ibn al-Shaykh Abú al-Hasan `Alí ibn al-Murshid ibn `Ali, with the Qasídih-yi Varqá’iyyih, or “Ode of the Dove,” by Mírzá Husayn `Alí Núrí, known as Bahá’ulláh.
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