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TITLEGuide to Transliteration and Pronunciation of the Persian Alphabet: together with the Numerical Value of the letters (Abjad Reckoning)
AUTHOR 1Marzieh Gail
CONTRIB 1Roger Coe, ed.
TITLE_PARENTBahá'í Glossary
PUB_THISBahá'í Publishing Trust
ABSTRACTPersian letter, key, transliteration, pronunciation, and Abjad value.
NOTES Instead of taking a chance on the Persian characters not displaying in every browser, I posted this item as an image. It may also be downloaded as a PDF document or an RTF document.

See also the complete Bahá'í Glossary which this is excerpted from; a discussion of diacritics and transcription; a more complete Glossary of Arabic and Persian Transliteration, an audio-format Bahá'í Glossary and Pronunciation Guide; and Oriental Words in Bahá'í Literature, Transliteration, and Pronunciation.

TAGS- Pronunciation; Abjad system; Marzieh Gail; Numerology; Persian language; Transliteration

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  1. The non-Arabic letters in the Persian alphabet have no abjad value.
  2. Character transliterated with Underdot is represented as a character with a dot after it, e.g., z., d., t., etc.
  3. "Key" indicates corresponding key on the English qwerty keyboard to the MS keyboard layout Arabic 101. (Correspondence to the 4 characters from the Persian alphabet is not indicated.)
  4. Except for the "Key" and the lack of underdots this is an attempt to replicate page 2 of Bahá'í Glossary by Marzieh Gail. Any errors are likely by the transcriber, Roger Coe.
  5. Also available in PDF format or RTF format.
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