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TITLEA Bahá'í Glossary and Pronunciation Guide
AUTHOR 1Amin Banani
ABSTRACTHow to pronounce Persian and Arabic names and terms in Bahá'í literature, and discussion of linguistic history and transliteration.
NOTES Audio originally posted in 2001, with permission of author, at, and reposted to under CC license.

See also glossary of common Bahá'í terms, people, and places, a Guide to Transliteration and Pronunciation, and a glossary with audio recordings of pronunciation at [; archived 2018].

TAGS- Glossaries; - Pronunciation; - Terminology; Amin Banani
About: Introduction to the pronunciation and meaning of Persian names, place names, religious concepts and cultural artifacts in the Bahá'í writings. Read by Amin Banani, with the assistance of his daughter Laila (then five years old), recorded on cassette in 1967.
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