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See also Arabic & Fársí transcription list and glossary for Bahá’ís (Mike Thomas), Bahá'í Glossary and Guide to Transliteration and Pronunciation (Marzieh Gail), an audio Bahá'í Glossary and Pronunciation Guide, and an archived glossary with audio samples

Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Transliterations

  1. Marzieh Gail. Bahá'í Glossary: Persian and Arabic words appearing in the Bahá'í Writings (1957). The first published glossary of Bahá'í terms and names.
  2. Amin Banani. Bahá'í Glossary and Pronunciation Guide, A (1967). How to pronounce Persian and Arabic names and terms in Bahá'í literature, and discussion of linguistic history and transliteration.
  3. Neil McMillan and Brian Didier. Susan Gammage, ed. Baha'i Glossary, A (2016). A glossary of Bahá'í principles and concepts, as derived from hundreds of messages of the Universal House of Justice.
  4. Dictionaries: English-Arabic (1810). Links to Google Books and for online versions of many English-Arabic dictionaries.
  5. Dictionaries: English-Persian (1841). Links to Google Books and for online versions of English-Persian dictionaries.
  6. Glossary and Index of Terms (2004). Comprehensive glossary of Islam. (Extracted from the final volume, #13. Encyclopedia index not included.)
  7. Mike Thomas, comp. Glossary of Arabic and Persian Transcription (2016). Comprehensive list of names and terms encountered in Bahá'í history, with transcription (accents, underlines and underdots), locations, word meanings, history and definitions. Updated monthly.
  8. Marzieh Gail. Roger Coe, ed. Guide to Transliteration and Pronunciation of the Persian Alphabet: together with the Numerical Value of the letters (Abjad Reckoning) (1957). Persian letter, key, transliteration, pronunciation, and Abjad value.
  9. Index and Glossary to Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh (1952). Index and glossary, from the 1952 and the 1976/1983 editions of Gleanings, indexed by page number and by paragraph number.
  10. Adib Taherzadeh. Indexes of Tablet names, diacritics, and transliteration: Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh (1982). Indexes only, useful for (1) referencing the diacritics and transliteration of Tablet names, and (2) knowing in which books Taherzadeh discusses which tablets.
  11. Jonah Winters, comp. Khatt-i-Badí' (The New Script): Transliteration and Notes (2018). Latin transliteration of Mírzá Muhammad-'Alí's "conlang" alphabet by Grover Gonzales. Includes notes by the Universal House of Justice, an overview by Gonzales, and samples of the script.
  12. Bahá'u'lláh Utterance Project, ed. Long Healing Prayer, The: Original Arabic, Transliteration, and Authorized English Translation (2021). A table showing the Long Healing Prayer in Arabic, in Roman transliteration, and in translation. Includes link to audio/video version.
  13. Oriental Words in Bahá'í Literature, Transliteration, and Pronunciation (1986). Guide to spelling and pronunciation of Arabic and Persian words encountered in Bahá'í history and writings.
  14. G. T. Plunkett. Report of the Transliteration Committee (1895). The 10th Orientalist Congress in Geneva, 1894, produced the system of transliteration later approved by Shoghi Effendi.
  15. Jonah Winters. Short Glossary of Bahá'í Terms (2010). Definitions of a few common Bahá'í terms, people, places, and names of Tablets.
  16. Transliteration System Used in Bahá'í Literature, The (2023). Overview of the transliteration / transcription system used by Shoghi Effendi, including a list of common Bahá'í names and terms.
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