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S.K. Dapoz, poet, U.S.A.

Victor D'Aravjo, poet, The Netherlands.

Mary Davis, singer, songwriter, U.S.A.

Ropata Davis, carver, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Marcia Day, manager in the entertainment industry, U.S.A.

Praying for the Rain: Dominic DeCicco, Vincenzo DeCicco, and other musicians, U.K.

Malcolm Dedman, composition, piano, Northern Cape, South Africa.

Zacarias Carvalho de Lima, painter, Brazil.

Millero Congo, Istvan, Leonor, Shangi, David Dely: percussion, flute, guitar, voice,
Afri-caribbean/traditional/crossover music, Colombia.

Istvan Dely, drummer / percussion,
Afri-caribbean/traditional/crossover music, Hungary / Colombia.

David Dely, percussionist, Colombia / Hungary.

Leonor Dely, singer, songwriter, Colombia.

Shangó Dely, drummer, percussionist, Colombia.

Martin Derbyshire, collages, installations, P.R. China.

Zoharo DeTafalla (Frederick Mohler), installations, sculpture, carving, U.S.A.

Yorum Diamand, photographer, The Netherlands.

Margie Díaz Mesén, translator, photographer, Costa Rica.

Miep Diekmann, writer, journalist, The Netherlands.

Ute Dietmar, calligraphist, Germany.

Kate Digby, dance, U.S.A.

Ozan Diler, photographer, Turkey.

Omid Djalili, theatre, acting, stand-up comedy, U.K.

Coskun Dogruluk, photographer, The Netherlands / Turkey.

Suellen W. Dornbrook, playwright, (U.S.A.) Argentina.

Christophe Doucet, sculpture / forest installatons, France. Français

Andrzej Dudek-Durer, musician (sitar and synthesizer), performance artist, Poland.

Javier Duhart, architect / musician, Chile.

Maxim Dumitras, sculptor, painter, performance, curator, Romania.

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