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Javier Duhart  

architect, musician, Chile

Javier Duhart Javier Duhart performing with ARKA in 2003.

I´ve been into music since I was 6 years old.

I play a bit of everything, but my main instruments are guitar (electric/ acoustic/ classical) and bass guitar.

I also play or have played (not perfectly though) drums, keyboards/ piano, accordion, bassoon, recorder, quena, and bongos. I also sing, having trained my voice both in choral and popular music styles. I'm a tenor.

ARKA performing in at the first Latin American Bahá´í Youth Congress, Santiago, Chile, 1998,
Left to right: Daniel Duhart, Javier Duhart
and Ignacio Meneses.

Although I can read music notation a little, I have never really used it that much. Every- thing I do is by ear.

I play in a rock group called (ARKA. We have recorded 5 independent albums since 1988, and are currently recording songs for a new one. We play a mixture of rock, pop, bossanova and ballads. Our songs are mainly in Spanish, though we have written and recorded a few in English too.

I also have played drums and produced albums for Darío Cardoso ( who is an Argentine Bahá´í singer/songwriter, currently living in Chile. His music is more folk-blues oriented, and incorporates local indigenous styles.

I also run the small independent music label, Faro Producciones (, where I record local artists at my home studio. The purpose is to produce music albums that like a flash of light in the darkness; hence the name "Faro", which in English means "Lighthouse".

All these music activities are done in my spare time.
I'm an architect and in my day job I work in the public sector.

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You can listen to music clips, see photos of gigs, etc, at:

Our site is also in Spanish.

Music CD, El Momento,
Two of the 13 tracks are in English.

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