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New Vision - rap duo 

Vahid Masrour and Kioumars Balazadeh, living in Chile.

New Vision, Vahid Masrour and Kioumars Balazadeh.
by Javier Duhart

Vahid: I was born in Portugal in 1971 and I've lived in Portugal, France and Paraguay. I've been living in Chile for 4 and half years.

Kioumars: I was born in Iran in 1972 and now live in Chile too, and it's great to be participating in this world-wide interview.

Vahid: New Vision is an initiative that originated in 1991 and we started, just for fun basically, a show with a song about peace called "La Paz". We got more serious about it around mid '91 when we started presenting more shows and so on. That same year we prepared our second song "Ecologia" (Ecology) and we performed a few times but it wasn't really serious for us until we recorded our album which Faro Producciones produced in 1993.

Kioumars:Yes, New Vision basically got together when Vahid and I came to Chile to study (we both lived previously in Paraguay), and as we were living in the same house we started writing lyrics for songs and performing them as rap, and that's how the idea started. After our first song we came up with "Ecologia" which is a song we wrote at a youth conference in the north of Chile. With two songs we could have better performances. The idea behind this is to teach the Faith through these songs, show some principles and transmit the spirit, the ideals, whatever we can. We started getting serious after recording our album, which has proper backing music such as guitar, bass and drums. From then on we could perform with background music so our shows were more complete.

Javier: What are your future projects? Have you written any new songs...

....more to come...

Excerpts from Arts Dialogue, September 1995, page 11.

Their cassette "La Paz y Ecologia" will be re-mastered and re-issued on CD in 2003, with two extra songs. More information, sound samples and orders at

  • Artist Profile: Arts Dialogue, September 1995

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