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TITLEBahá'í Cosmological Symbolism and the Ecofeminist Critique
AUTHOR 1Michael W. Sours
TITLE_PARENTJournal of Bahá'í Studies
PUB_THISAssociation for Bahá'í Studies North America
ABSTRACTConstituents of Bahá'í cosmological symbolism; introduction to the main feminist/environmentalist arguments; eschatological character of Bahá'í cosmological symbolism; Bahá'í eschatology provides answers to many feminist and ecological objections.
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TAGS- Buddhism; - Christianity; - Hinduism; - Interfaith dialogue; - Islam; - Judaism; - Metaphors and allegories; - Philosophy; - Symbolism; Adam and Eve; Angels; Animals; Animism; Arabic language; Ark (metaphor); Attainment unto the Divine presence; Bible; Climate change; Cosmology; Covenant; Creation; Day-year principle; Day of God; Devil (Satan); Dualism; Environment; Equality; Evil; Feminism; Food; Free will; Gender; Genesis (Bible); God; God, Gender of; Gods and Goddesses; Hebrew language; Holy Spirit; Kalimat-i-Maknunih (Hidden Words); Kalimat-i-Maknunih (Hidden Words); Kitáb-i-Íqán (Book of Certitude); Krishna; Maid of Heaven; Manifestations of God; Moses; Mythology; Nature; Paradise; Peace; Persian language; Prophecies; Quran; Religion (general); Return; Revelation of St. John; Sadratul-Muntaha (Lote Tree); Salvation; Science; Self; Soul; Trees; Unity of religion; Vegetarianism; Western culture; Wisdom; Women
About: This article is composed of three parts. The first part documents the constituents of Bahá'í cosmological symbolism—such as dualism, theism, and redemptive history. By "cosmological symbolism" is here meant a system of symbols used to portray the origin, nature, and existence of the cosmos. As will be shown, the most immediate antecedents of Bahá'í cosmological symbolism are various biblical texts (most elements can be observed in the Book of Genesis alone and often as mediated through the Qur’án). Biblical cosmological symbolism—especially those aspects that relate to dualistic theism—has been criticized severely by some feminists and environmentalists, and their arguments can also be applied to Bahá'í cosmology. The second part of this article provides a brief introduction to the main feminist/environmentalist arguments. The third part summarizes and examines the eschatological character of Bahá'í cosmological symbolism since Bahá'í eschatology provides answers to many feminist and ecological objections.
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