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TITLELiterary Imitation in Three Poems Attributed to Tahirih Qurrat al-ʿAyn
AUTHOR 1Sahba Shayani
ABSTRACTThe poetry of Tahirih has largely been ignored by historians, partly from politico-religious intolerance, but also because of a lack of detailed information and primary sources; comparison of three of her most famous istiqbál poems.
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Full volume: Hawwa, Volume 21 (2023): Issue 4 (Dec 2023): Special Issue: “From the Seed of Love We Sow”: Further Research on Tahirih Qurrat al-'Ayn, edited by Omid Ghaemmaghami and Sasha Dehghani.

TAGSTahirih; Poetry; Persian literature; Fatimah (daughter of Muhammad); Return; Arabic language; Persian language; Nasirid-Din Shah; Trinity; Self-annihilation (fana); Lover and the Beloved; Sufism; Pen (metaphor); Creation; Adam and Eve; Love (general); Heart; Heaven and hell; Wine (symbol); Women; Gender; Equality; Rumi (Mevlana); Hafez (Hafiz)
LOCATIONSIran (documents)
Abstract: Throughout both modern and contemporary periods of Iranian poetry, the figure of Tahirih Qurrat al-ʿAyn as a poet has been largely ignored, while some focus has been placed upon her historical roles. Although a large part of this active disregard for her poetry has undoubtedly stemmed from politico-religious intolerance, it has also partially resulted from a lack of detailed information and primary sources. This article advances our understanding of Tahirih the poet by comparing three of the most famous poems attributed to her – “Ay ʿāshiqān, ay ʿāshiqān shud āshikārā wajh-i ḥaqq,” “Ay bi sar-i zulf-i tu sawdā-yi man,” and “Jadhabāt shawqik uljimat bi-salāsil al-ghamm wa-l-balā” – all of which are “literary imitations” (istiqbāl), with the original pieces composed by Rumi, Hātif, and Jāmī, respectively. By comparing Tahirih’s poems with the previous pieces, we gain access to the subtleties and nuances that inform us about the poetic persona of this historical figure.
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