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TITLEPersian/Arabic Bahá'í Books in the Library of Ahang Rabbani
CONTRIB 1Ahang Rabbani, comp.
ABSTRACTPrivate library of Persian and Arabic sacred writings and other Bahá'í-related material.
NOTES Note: this list is from 1999 and is now well out-of-date.
TAGS- Indexes and catalogues; Archives; Libraries; Manuscripts

        I.     Bahá'u'lláh
        II.    Babis:
                  A.  The Bab 
                  B.  Quddus
        III.   'Abdu'l-Bahá
        IV.    Shoghi Effendi
        V.     The Universal House of Justice
        VI.    Selection from the Writings
        VII.   Bahá'í Writers
        VIII.  Persian Books Related to the Faith
        IX.    Persian Books of Interest
        X.     English Books of Interest
        XI.    Theses on the Faith
        XII.   Periodicals
        XIII.  Pilgrim's Notes
        XIV.   Desiderata:
                  A.  Manuscripts
                  B.  Printed Books

I. Bahá'u'lláh

Abvabu'l-Malakut, Beirut, 1975, 68 pages

Ad'iyyih-i-Hadrat-i-Mahbub, Germany, 1980, 480 pages

Alwah-i-Hadrat-i-Bahá'u'lláh Ila'l-Muluk-va'l-Ru'asa, Brazil, 140 BE, 148 pages

Aqdas-i-Buzurg (and other Tablets), 1307 H, handwriting of Zayn

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 1, (Kitab-i-Mubin), Iran, 120 BE

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 2, India, 1314 H, 214 pages and table of contents

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 3, Iran, 121 BE, 272 pages

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 4, Iran, 125 BE, 432 pages

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 4, Iran, 133 BE, 363 pages, (added 8 and removed 4 major Tablets from 125 BE edition)

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 5, Iran, 131 BE, 311 pages

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 6, Iran, 132 BE, 375 pages

Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la, v. 7, Iran, 134 BE, 394 pages

Ayat-i Ilahi; Germany, 150 BE, 389 pages

Baháru'l-Hikmat, n.d., 68 pages

Daryai-i-Danish, 133 BE, Iran, 178 pages

Daryai-i-Danish, 133 BE, India, 181 pages

Haft Vadi, 131 BE, Iran, 48 pages

Iqtidarat va Chand Lawh-i-Digar, 1310 H, hand of Mashkin-Qalam, 329 pages

Ishraqat va Chand Lawh-i-Digar, n.d., 295 pages

Kalamat-i-Maknunih, Germany, n.d., deluxe limited edition

Kalamat-i-Maknunih, Germany, 140 BE, includes English translations, deluxe edition

Kitab-i Aqdas, official printing, 1995, Haifa, 450 pages

Kitab-i-Aqdas, hand of Muhabatu'llah Ha'i, 133 pages

Kitab-i-Aqdas, Tihran printing, n.d., 178 pages

Kitab-i Aqdas (with Persian translation), hand of Mihdi Salihy, 1319 Sh, 165 pages

Kitab-i-Badi', Prague, 1992, handwriting of Zayn, 1870, 412 pages, (also, photocopy from BWC MS)

Kitab-i-Iqan, Germany, 1980, 199 pages, reprint of 1934 Egyptian print

Kitab-i-Iqan, 97 BE, handwriting of Ali-Akbar-i-Milani, 138 pages, Egypt?

La'alyiu'l-Hikmat, Vol 1, 1986, Brazil, 198 pages

La'alyiu'l-Hikmat, Vol 2, 1990, Brazil, 344 pages

La'alyiu'l-Hikmat, Vol 3, 1991, Brazil, 407 pages

Lawh-i-Ahmad-i-'Arabi (with English text), delux edition, n.d., Germany

Lawh-i-Ahmad-i-Farsi (with Riaz Ghadimi's glossory), Canada, 1984, 17 pages

Lawh-i-Ahmad-i-Farsi (with notes Riaz Ghadimi), USA, 1994

Lawh-i-Anta'l-Kafi (and English text), Germany, 137 BE, 33 pages

Lawh-i Maqsud, Egypt, 1920, 33 pages

Lawh-i-Mubarak Khatab-Bi-Shaykh Muhammad-Taqi, Iran, 119 BE, 135 pages

Lawh-i-Mubarak Khatab-Bi-Shaykh Muhammad-Taqi, Germany, 138 BE, 117 pages, delux edition

Lawh-i-Mubarak Khatab-Bi-Shaykh Muhammad-Taqi, 1332 H, 127 pages, hand of Ali-Akbar Milani

Lawh-i-Mubarak-i-Sultan-i-Iran (with a notes by Azizullah Sulaymani), 132 BE, reprinted in India, 158 pages

Lawh-i-Sultan-i-Iran, Egypt, 1330 H, 43 pages, typed

Majmu'ih-az Alwah-i-Jamal-i-Aqdas-i-Abha (revealed after the Kitab-i-Aqdas), Germany, 137 BE, 175 pages

Majmu'ih-i-Alwah, 50 BE, handwriting of Zayn, 296 pages,

Majmu'ih-i-Alwah, n.d., various sources

Majmu'ih-i-Alwah, India, 1310 H, hand of Mishkin-Qalim, 329 pages

Majmu'ih-i-Alwah-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Bahá'u'lláh, Egypt, 1920, 412 pages

Majmu'ih-i-Alwah-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Bahá'u'lláh, USA, 1978, 412 pages

Majmu'ih-i-Alwah-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Bahá'u'lláh, Iran, 132 BE, handwriting of 'Andalib in 1304 H, 285 pages

Majmu'ih-i-Athar Hadrat-i-Bahá'u'lláh, unpublished, 40 pages, (discovered in 1992, scribed in 1857)

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 7, 314 pages, hand of Zayn

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 8, 314 pages, hand of Zayn

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 26, 459 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 27, 544 pages, hand of Mirza 'Abdu'r-Rahman Rahiq-i Shirazi

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 28, 523 pages, hand of 'Abdu'r-Rahman Rahiq-i Shirazi

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 34, 341 pages, hand of Aqa Mir Sayfu'l-Din Maraghih'yi

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 35, 310 pages, hand of Aqa Mir Sayfu'l-Din Maraghih'yi

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 37, 143 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 38, 342 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 41, 457 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 42, 264 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 45, 219 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 46, 40 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 48, 216 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 49, 364 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 51, 633 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 56, 109 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 57, 100 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 61, 72 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 63, 40 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 66, 242 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 71, 338 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, INBA 73, 369 pages

Majmu'ih-i Athar-i Qalim-A'la, a section of an INBA, pp 728-922

Majmu'ih Munajathay-i Mubarak, vol 2, Iran, 132 BE, 80 pages

Majmu'ih Munajathay-i Mubarak, n.d., 71 pages, printed, Arabic

Mathnavi Mubarak, Germany, 1993, delux edition

Min Rasa'il al-Shaykhu'l-Babi Bahá'u'lláh, vol 1, ed. Baron Victor Rosen, St. Petersburg University Press, 1908, 185 pages

Munajat (text of "Prayers and Meditations"), Brazil, 138 BE, 244 pages

Muntakhabati-az Asar-i-Hadrat-i-Bahá'u'lláh (text of "The Gleanings"), Germany, 141 BE, 222 pages,

Qasaid va Qasaliat va Abyat Nazilih az Kalki Athar Jamal-i Qidam, Iran, 105 BE, 58 pages

Risalih-i-S'ual-va-Javab, n.d., handwriting of Nabil-i-Isfahani (also, Isfahani's translation into Arabic)

Risalih-i-S'ual-va-Javab, n.d., 40 pages, unknown scribe, INBA

Risalih-i-S'ual-va-Javab, 133 BE, 40 pages, (limited edition in 50 copies)

Risalih-i-S'ual-va-Javab, n.d., 29 pages, unknown scribe, INBA

Surat'ul-Muluk, 124 BE, Iran, 265 pages

Tasbyh-u-Tahlyl, India, 1982, 322 pages, (reprint from Iran's 129 BE edition)

Usul-i-Aqayid-i-Bahá'íyan (selections from Bahá'u'lláh's Writings), Germany, 140 BE, 40 pages

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II.A. The Bab

Arabic Bayan (including a copy in the handwriting of the Bab), n.d., unknown scribe

Dala'ilu'l-Sab'ih, n.d., 73 pages, printed version

Dala'ilu'l-Sab'ih, unpublished, 120 pages, (Paris collection)

Four Early letters of the Bab (to Sharif of Macca, etc.), 20 pages, unpublished, Browne Cambridge University collection, F28(9) item 5

Lawh-i Haykalu'd-Din (and a commentary by the Bab on two verses of it); 68 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 40, 133 BE, 221 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 43, 133 BE, 133 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 53, 431 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 58. 133 BE, 184 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 60, 133 BE, 166 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 64, 133 BE, 161 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 67, 133 BE, 279 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, INBA 69, 437 pages

Majmu'ih Athar-i Hadrat-i A'la, a large collection

Muntakhabat Ayat az Athar Hadrat-i-Nuqtih-i-'Ula, Iran, 134 BE, 160 pages

Panj-Sha'n (the Persian portion), 88 pages, n.d., caligraphied

Panj-Sha'n, n.d. (Azali publicaiton), 470 pages

Persian Bayan, 133 BE, Iran, INBA 24, 432 pages, scribed in 30 BE

Persian Bayan, n.d., Iran, 368 pages, Azali publication

Qismati az Alwah Khaty-i Nuqtih-i Ula va Aqa Siyyid Husayn-i Katib, 52 pages, Azali publications

Risalih-i Dahabiyyid II, 14 pages, hand of Mirza Abdu'r-Rahim Isfahani

Sahifih-i-'Adliyyih, 43 pages, n.d., (Azali publications)

Sahifih-i Baynu'l-Haramayn, 125 pages, Browne Cambridge University collection, F7(9)

Sahifih-i Baynu'l-Haramayn, 64 pages

Sahifa-i-Rizawiyya, 6 pages, unpublished, Browne collection

Tafsir-i Ha'; 38 pages

Tafsir-i-Suratu'l-Kawthar, 232 pages, scribed in 1264 H probably by Haji Siyyid Javad-i-Karbalai

Tafsir-i Surih Tawhid, 14 pages, hand of Mirza Abdu'r-Rahim Isfahani

Tafsir-i Surah Val-'Asr and Tasbih-i Fatimih, Browne Collection (BBF 7)

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II.B. Quddus

Al-Athar al-Quddusiyyih, 10 writings of Quddus, 68 pages

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III. 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Alwah-i-Khatab bi Khandan-i-Afnan, 60 pages, INBA

Alwah-i-Vasayi-i-Mubarakih-i-Hadrat-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, Pakistan, 1960, 29 pages

Alwah-i-Mubarakih-i-Vasaya, 102 BE, 15 pages, (collection contains Lawh-i Qarn by Shoghi Effendi, too)

Faramin-i-Tabliqiy-i-Hadrat-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, USA, 1985, 92 pages

Huvallah, v. 1, Iran, 132 BE, (collection of prayers for children)

Huvallah, v. 2, Iran, 133 BE, (children's prayers)

Javab-i Professor-i Almani, Dr. Forel, Egypt, 1922, 144 pages, (contains a number of other Tablets)

Makatib, v. 1, Iran, 286 pages

Makatib, v. 1, 1910, Egypt, 580 pages, typed

Makatib, v. 2, 1330 H, Egypt, 343 pages

Makatib, v. 3, 1921 H, Egypt, 576 pages

Makatib, v. 4, 121 BE, Iran, 252 pages

Makatib, v. 5, 132 BE, Iran, 271 pages

Makatib, v. 6, 133 BE, Iran, 226 pages

Makatib, v. 7, 134 BE, Iran, 279 pages

Makatib, v. 8, 134 BE, Iran, 266 pages (2 copies: book and loose pages)

Majmu'ih-i-Alwah-i-Mubarakih bi Iftikhar Bahá'íyan-i-Parsi, Iran, 133 BE, 100 pages

Majmu'ih-i Alwah-i Hadrat-i 'Abdu'l-Bahá va Hadrat-i Valy-i Amru'llah, n.d., private collection

Majmu'ih-i-Khatabat-i-Hadrat-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, (all 3 volumes in one, reprint of the Egyptian and Iranian prints), Germany, 1984, 790 pages

Majmu'ih-i Makatib, INBA 13, 435 pages

Majmu'ih-i Makatib, INBA 52, 684 pages

Majmu'ih-i Makatib, INBA 55, 465 pages

Majmu'ih-i Makatib, INBA 59, 343 pages

Majmu'ih-i Makatib, INBA 72, 171 pages

Majmu'ih-i Makatib, INBA 75, 159 pages

Majmu'ih-i-Munajat, v. 2, Iran, 133 BE, 126 pages

Majmu'ih-i-Munajat, v. 3, Iran, 135 BE, 119 pages

Maqalih-i-Shakhsi-Sayyah, 119 BE, Iran, 188 pages

Maqalih-i-Shakhsi Sayyah, Bombay, 1307 H, 211 pages, Handwriting of Jinab-i-Zayn

Min-Makatib-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, Brazil, 139 BE, 318 pages

Mufafizat-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, Egypt, 1920, 219 pages (reprinted 1983 India)

Muntakhabati-az Makatib-i-Hadrat-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, v. 1, USA, 1979, 309 pages

Muntakhabati-az Makatib-i-Hadrat-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, v. 2, World Centre, 1984, 285 pages

Muntakhabati-az Makatib-i-Hadrat-i-'Abdu'l-Bahá, v. 3, Germany, 149 BE, 240 pages

Risaliy-i-Madaniyyih, 141 BE, Germany, 167 pages

Risaliy-i-Madaniyyih, 1329 H, Egypt, 141 pages

Risaliy-i-Siyasih, 1311 H, handwriting of Mishkin-Qalam

Risaliy-i-Siyasih, Iran, n.d., publisher Muhammad Labib, 54 pages, (typed)

Tadkaratu'l-Vafa, 1343 H, Egypt, 316 pages

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IV. Shoghi Effendi

Dur-i-Bahá'í, 144 BE, Germany, 117 pages (translation of "The Dispensation of Bahá'u'lláh")

Hal-va-Ayandiyy-Jahan, n.d., 102 pages, (trans. from English)

Hayat-i-Bahá'í, 1983, USA, 51 pages

Jilvih-i-Madaniyyat-i-Jahani, India, 143 BE, 111 pages, (trans. of "Unfoldment of World Civilization" by Jamshid Fana'yan)

Kitab-i-Qarn-i-Badi', v. 1, Iran, 375 pages, (translation of "God Passes By", by Nasru'llah Mavvidat)

Kitab-i-Qarn-i-Badi', v. 2, Iran, 450 pages

Kitab-i-Qarn-i-Badi', v. 3, Iran, 122 BE, 356 pages

Kitab-i-Qarn-i-Badi', v. 4, Iran, 123 BE, 292 pages

Lawh-i-Qarn, n.d., Iran, 44 pages, (in the same volume at Abdu'l-Bahá's Alwah-i Vasaya)

Lawh-i-Qarn, 134 BE, Iran, 145 pages, (in the Guardian's handwriting)

Lawh-i-Qarn, n.d., Iran, 142 pages, typed pages

Majmu'ih Munajat Hadrat-i-Valiyyi Amru'llah, Germany, 140 BE, 66 pages

Muntakhabat-i-Tawqiy'at, Iran, 105 BE, 488 pages

Nazmih Jahani-i-Bahá'í, Canada, 146 BE, 211 pages, (translation of "The World Order of Bahá'u'lláh" by Hushmand Fatheazam)

Nida bi Ahli 'Alam, Canada, 1993, 95 pages, (translation of Call to the Nations, by Hushmand Fathea'zam)

Nimuih Hayat-i-Bahá'í, 131 BE, Iran, 53 pages

Qad Zahar Yumu'l-My'ad, n.d., 78 pages, (translation of "The Promised Day is Come")

Statistics of the Bahá'í Faith 1844-1944, n.d., 14 pages, (translation from English)

Tawqi'i Maniy'-i-Mubarak 21 March 1932, 135 BE, Iran, 29 pages, (translation from English by Abu-Turab Suhrab)

Tawqi'-i-Sannih ? BE, 18 pages

Tawqi'-i-Sannih 89 BE, 18 pages

Tawqi'-i-Sannih 96 BE, 18 pages, (in handwriting of the Guardian)

Tawqi'-i-Sannih 101 BE, n.d., India, 67 pages

Tawqi'-i-Sannih 105 BE, 105 BE, India, 48 pages

Tawqi'-i-Sannih 105 BE, 105 BE, Iran, 63 pages

Tawqi'-i-Sannih 110 BE, 110 BE, India, 67 pages

Tawqi'-i-Sannih 113 BE, n.d., 54 pages, (handwriting of Fananapazir)

Tawqiy'at-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Valiyyi Amru'llah 1922-1926, 129 BE, Iran, 445 pages

Tawqiy'at-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Valiyyi Amru'llah 1922-1948, v. 3, 130 BE, Iran, 356 pages

Tawqiy'at-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Valiyyi Amru'llah 1927-1939, 129 BE, Iran, 391 pages

Tawqiy'at-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Valiyyi Amru'llah April 1945 - August 1952, 129 BE, Iran, 411 pages

Tawqiy'at-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Valiyyi Amru'llah October 1952 - October 1957, 119 BE, Iran, 298 pages

Tawqiy'at-i-Mubarakih Hadrat-i-Valiyyi Amru'llah, 149 BE, Germany, 649 pages

Zuhur-i 'Adl-i-Ilahi, 1985, USA, 190 pages, (translation of "The Advent of Divine Justice", by Nasru'llah Mavvidat)

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V. The Universal House of Justice

Muntakhabati Az Nusus Darbarih Hay'athai Mushavarin Qari'iyh, Iran, CBC Asia, 133 BE, 50 pages

Muntakhabati Az Payamhayi 'Umumyi Baytu'l-'Adl A'zam-i-Ilahi Khatb bi Yaran-i-Irani, Germany, 142 BE, 134 pages

Payam-i-Mani' Baytu'l-'Adl A'zam-i-Ilahi 25 May 1975, Iran, 132 BE, 18 pages

Payam Baytu'l-'Adl A'zam-i-Ilahi 29 December 1990, USA, 1990, 13 pages

Payam Baytu'l-'Adl A'zam-i-Ilahi 150 BE, USA, August 1993, 9 pages

Payamhayi Baytu'l-'Adl A'zam-i-Ilahi Naw-Ruz 131 BE, Iran, 24 pages

Talkhis va Tadvin Hudud va Ahkam-i Kitab-i-Aqdas, USA, 1985, 65 pages

Va'dih Sulh Jahani, World Centre, 1985, 41 pages, (translation of "The Promise of World Peace")

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VI. Selection from the Writings

Amr-va-Khalq, v. 1-2, Germany, 141 BE, 335 and 369 pages

Amr-va-Khalq, v. 3-4, Germany, 142 BE, 526 and 498 pages

Amr-va-Khalq, v. 4, Iran, 131 BE, 498 pages

Bahiyyih-Khanum, Germany, 142 BE, 221 pages

Bisharu'l-Nur, Germany, 140 BE, 558 pages

Ganjinih Hudud-va-Ahkam, India, 1980, 466 pages, (reprint of Iranian 128 BE version)

Gulzar Ta'alim-i-Bahá'í, Germany, 142 BE, 158 pages

Itihad-va-Itifaq Dar Jami'-i-Bahá'í, USA, 1992, 15 pages, (English version is included)

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 1, Iran, 128 BE, 82 pages

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 2, India, 1984, (reprint from 129 BE version), 110 pages

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 3, India, 1985, (reprint from 129 BE version), 80 pages

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 4, Iran, 129 BE, 372 pages

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 5, India, 1984, (reprint from 129 BE version), 294 pages

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 6, India, 1985, (reprint from 129 BE version), 86 pages and 309 page index for all 9 volumes

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 7, Iran, 129 BE, 255 pages

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 8, Iran, 129 BE, 207 pages

Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. 9, India, 1984, (reprint from 129 BE version), 167 pages

Majmu'ih az Nusus Darbarih Huququ'llah, World Centre, 1984, 44 pages

Muntakhabat Alwah Darbarih Faza'il-i-Akhlaq, Iran, 131 BE, 153 pages

Muntakhabat Athar-i-Mubarakah, v. 2, Iran, 134 BE, 228 pages

Muntakhabat Athar-i-Mubarakah Raji' bi Amr-i-Muhim-i-Tabligh, Iran, 131 BE, 44 pages

Muntakhabati-Az Athar Muqdasih Raji' Bi 'Ahd-va-Mithaq, Iran, 131 BE, 70 pages

Muntakhabati-Az Athar Mubarakih Darbarih Ta'lim-va-Tarbiyat, Iran, 132 BE, 145 pages

Muntakhabati-Az Athar Mubarakih Darbarih Ziafat-i-Nuzdah-Ruzih, Iran, 133 BE, 35 pages

Nar-va-Nur, Germany, 139 BE, delux edition

Payam-Malakut, India, 1986, 495 pages

Rahnamaiy Ahibayi Ilahi dar Tarvij va Intishar-i-Amru'llah, Iran, 132 BE, 51 pages

Risalih Ayam Tis'ih, USA, 1981, 576 pages

Tushih-i-Rahmani, USA, 1980, (mixed Persian, Arabic and English)

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VII. Bahá'í Writers

'Abdi, Bahád-Din Muhammad, Sad Shakhih-i-Gul, Landegg, 149 BE, 16 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza and Siyyid Mihdi Gulpaygani, Kashfu'l-Ghata 'an hiyal al-a'da, Tashkent, n.d. [1919?], 469 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Tafsil-i-Shahadat Haj Muhammad-Rida dar 'Ishq-Abad, 22 pages, unpublished, n.d.

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Tarikh-i-Zuhur Dianat Hadrat-i-Bab va Hadrat Bahá'u'lláh, mauscript in the hand of Abu'l-Fadl, INBA 9

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Majmu'ih Rasa'il-i Abi'l Fada'il, Egypt, 1920, 155 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Mukhtarat min Mu'alifat Abu'l-Fadl, Belgium, 137 BE, 367 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Kitab-i-Fara'id, Egypt, 1315 H, 731 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Sharh-i Shajarah-Namih-i Mubarakih, 1321 H, 14 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Sharh-i-Shajarinamih-i-Mubarakih, India, 41 BE, 14 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Tafsir Hadith-i 27 Harf, 1331 H, 16 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, ad-Durar al-Bahiyyih, Egypt, 1900, 280 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Rasa'il va Raqa'im, Iran, 134 BE, 596 pages, ed. R. Mihrabkhani

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Risalih-i Ayubiyyih, n.d., 39 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Risala-yi-Iskandariyya, n.d., 43 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Sharh-i-Ayat-i-Muvarikhih, India, 61 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Sharh-i-Ayat-i-Muvarikhih, n.d., 72 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Sharh-i-Ayat-i-Muvarikhih, n.d., 63 pages, typed

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Al-Hujaju'l-Bahiyyih, Egypt, 1925, 184 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Risalih Istidlaliyyih dar Bayan Haqiqat Markaz 'Ahd va Payman-i Ilahi, Egypt, 1329 H, 34 pages, (2 letters)

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Faslu'l-Khatib, Canada, 1995, 352 pages

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Dibachih, Canada, 1996, 40 pages, No. 10 in Bahá'í Studies Series

Abu'l-Fadl, Mirza, Istidlaliyyih, 1309 H, 42 pages, Browne Or. Ms F27(9), 1. proofs written for Jews

Afnan, A.Q., La'aliy-i-Siah, Canada, 1992, 65 pages, (translation of "The Black Pearls")

Afnan, A.Q., Baytu'llah al-Akram, unpublished, (contains sections from Nabil's unpublished history)

Afnan, A.Q., Chahar Risalih-i-Tarikhi Darbarih-i-Tahirih, Landegg, 1991, 112 pages

Afnan, A.Q., Namih darbarih Hayat-i Mishkin-Qalam, 11 pages, unpublished

Afnan, Mirza Habibu'llah, Tarikh-i-Amri Fars-va-Shiraz, (unpublished), 607 pages

Afnan, Mirza Habibu'llah, Khatirat-i-Hayat (early years and visit to Bahá'u'lláh), 200 pages, (unpublished)

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Shaykhu'r-Ra'is, Abu'l-Hasan Mirza, Hirat-i Qajar, Iran, series of articles in Ahang-i Badi'

Shahidi, Khalil, Tarikh, unpublished, 260 pages

Shirazi, Lutf 'Ali Mirza, untitled Ms., Browne, Or. Ms. F28(3), (account of the uprising of Mazandaran)

Shirazi, Lutf 'Ali Mirza, untitled Ms., (account of the uprising of Mazandaran), 111 pages, handwriting of Muhammd-Baqir-i-Tihrani, 1319 H

Shirazi, Lutf 'Ali Mirza, untitled Ms., (account of the uprising of Mazandaran), 122 pages, handwriting of 'Attiyyih Ruhi

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Sulaymani, Azizu'llah; Masabih-i-Hadayat, v. 1, Iran, 104 BE, 359 pages, (and a copy of second printing)

Sulaymani, Azizu'llah; Masabih-i-Hadayat, v. 2, Iran, 121 BE

Sulaymani, Azizu'llah; Masabih-i-Hadayat, v. 3, Iran, 123 BE, second printing, 619 pages

Sulaymani, Azizu'llah; Masabih-i-Hadayat, v. 4, Iran, 116 BE

Sulaymani, Azizu'llah; Masabih-i-Hadayat, v. 5, Iran, 118 BE

Sulaymani, Azizu'llah; Masabih-i-Hadayat, v. 6, Iran, 125 BE

Sulaymani, Azizu'llah; Masabih-i-Hadayat, v. 7, Iran, 129 BE

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Sulaymani, Azizu'llah, Rashahat-i-Hikmat, v. 3, Iran, 133 BE, 216 pages

Sulaymani, Azizu'llah, Rashahat-i-Hikmat, v. 4-5, Iran, 135 BE, 395 pages

Tabib, Mirza Mihdi Khan, Tarikh-i-Hamadan va Rashat, 190 pages, unpublished, (author's handwriting)

Tabib-Manshadi, Muhammad, Sharh-i-Shahadat-i-Shuhaday-i-Manshad, Iran, 127 BE, 90 pages

Tahirih; Ishraq-i Rabbani; 80 pages, (unpublished)

Tahirih, Sih Majmu'ih Ash'ar, n.d., about 400 pages

Vuthuq, Husayn, Gulchin Ma'arif-i-Amr, USA, 1992, 375 pages

Usku'i, Mirza Haydar 'Ali, Tarikh-i-Amri-yi Adharbayjan, 142 pages, unpublished, (handwriting of M.A. Malik-Khusravi)

Usku'i, Mirza Haydar 'Ali, Majmu'ih-i Tavarikh-i Amri-yi Adharbayjan, unpublished

Yazdani, Ahmad, Nazar-i-Ijmali Dar Dianat-i-Bahá'í, Iran, 107 BE, 156 pages

Z, Sh; Faqarati-y az Yik Namih; n.p., 1358Sh, 31 pages

Zanjani, 'Abdu'l-Ahad; Tarikh-i Zanjan; 62 pages, n.d., n.p., (translated by E.G. Browne)

Zarandi, Nabil; pages from the Nabil's original manuscript, over 200 pages.

Zarqani, Mirza Mahmud, Kitab-i-Badayi'u'l-Athar, v. 1, Germany, 1982, 431 pages (reprinted from 1914 edition)

Zarqani, Mirza Mahmud, Kitab-i-Badayi'u'l-Athar, v. 2, Germany, 1982, 393 pages (reprinted from 1921 edition)

Zavarih-'i, Aqa Sayyid Hasan (Mahjur), Majlis-i Shadadat-i Qa'im-i-Khurasani, Browne, Or. Ms. F.28(2)

Zavarih-'i, Aqa Sayyid Hasan (Mahjur), Vaqa'i'-i-Mimiyyih, Browne, Or. Ms. F.28(1), 100 pages, unpublished, (his own handwriting)

Zavarih-'i, Aqa Sayyid Hasan (Mahjur), Vaqa'i'-i-Mimiyyih, 146 pages, unpublished, (handwriting of M.A. Malik-Khusravi)

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VIII. Persian Books Related to the Faith (often by non-Bahá'í authors)

anon. (Y.P.), Haqayiq-i Guftani, 1324 Sh, 64 pages, printed by Daftar-i Parcham, (eyewitness account of the martyrs of Shahrud)

'Aziyyih Khanum (sister of Bahá'u'lláh), Tanbih al-Na'imin, Azali publications, 159 pages, n.d., n.p.

Halmi, Abbas, Tarikh Bab va Bahá, n.d., Tihran, 319 pages, translated into Persian by Hasan Farid

Hidayat, Rida Quli Khan (Lalbashi), Rawdat al'Safa-yi Nasiri, New ed., 10 volumes, Tehran, 1339 Sh

Mamiqani, Mirza Muhammad-Taqi; Guft-u Shunud-i Siyyid 'Ali-Muhammad-i Bab ba Ruhaniyyun-i Tabriz; Iran, 1374 Sh, 185 pages

Mihrabi, Mu'in'd-Dawlih; Quratu'l-'Ayn, sha'irih azadih-khah va milliy-i Iran; Germany, 1989, 185 pages

Mudarasi, Murtida; Shaykhigari-Babigari az nazar Falsafih Tarikh va Ijtima'; Tihran, 1351Sh, 322 pages

Nava'i, 'Abdu'l-Husayn; Fitnih-i Bab; Tihran, 1362 Sh, 313 pages

Tabataba'i, Muhammad-Muhit; collection of papers on Babi/Bahá'í history.

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IX. Persian Books of Interest

Balyuzi, Hasan M.; Nabaradari; Iran (Taban printing), 1351 Sh, 259 pages

Tabari, Muhammad-ibn Jarir, Tarikh-i-Tabari, Iran, 17 volumes

[Lots of other Islamic and Persian Literature books that needs to be catalogued]

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X. English Books of Interest

Algar, Hamid, Religion and State in Iran 1785-1906, University of California Press, 1969, 286 pages

Amant, Abbas, Resurrection and Renewal, Cornell University Press, 1989, 461 pages

Anon., Universal Principles of the Bahá'í Movement, USA, 1912, 57 pages

Anon., Table Talks with Abdel-Bahá-Abbas regarding re-incarnation, mystery of self-sacrifice and other subjects, n.d.,

Browne, E.G., Materials for the Study of the Babi Religion, Cambridge, 1961, 420 pages

Browne, E.G., The Persian Revolution of 1905-1909, Cambridge, 1910, 470 pages

Browne, E.G., A Traveller's Narrative (a translation of), Philo Press, 1891

Browne, E.G., A Literary History of Persia, 4 volumes

Browne, E.G., A Year Amongst the Persians,

Campbell, Helen, Bahá'ísm in its Social-Economic Aspect, Chicago, 1910, 22 pages

Cobb, Stanwood, A Sage of two Centuries: Autobiography, USA, 1979, 174 pages

Cobb, Stanwood, Security for a failing World, USA, 1934, 140 pages

Ford, Mary Hanford, The Oriental Rose or the Teachings of Abdu'l-Bahá, Chicago, 1910, 213 pages

Goodall, Helen and Ella Goodall Cooper, Daily Lessons Received in Acre - Jan 1908, USA, 1908, 101 pages

Hamadani, Mirza Husayn, Tarikh-i-Jadid, Cambridge, 1893, 486 pages

Holley, Horace, Bahá'í: The Spirit of the Age, USA, 1921, 212 pages

Khan, Ali Kuli and Howard MacNutt, The Book of Assurace (The Book of Ighan), New York, 1929, 190 pages

Khan, Peter, The Promised Day is Come - A Study Guide, USA, 1967, 25 pages

MacEoin, Denis, The Sources for Early Babi Doctrine and History, 1992, 280 pages

Pinchon, Florence, The Coming of Glory, London, 1928, 144 pages

Remey, Charles Mason, The Bahá'í Revelation and Reconstruction, USA, 1919, 88 pages

Remey, Charles, Mason, The New Day: The Bahá'í Revelation, 27 pages (some pages missing)

Rosenberg, Ethel J., A Brief Account of the Bahá'í Movement, London, 1911, 30 pages

Rosenbery, E., Bahá'ísm: Its Ethical and Social Teachings, n.d., 6 pages

Rosenberg, Ethel J., A Brief Sketch of Behaism, n.d., 12 pages

Sohrab, Mirza Ahmad, Broken Silence, New York, 1942, 608 pages

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XI. Theses on the Faith

Berger, Peter Ludwig, From Sect to Church: A Sociological Interpretation of the Bahá'í Movement, 1954, Ph.D.

Hampson, Arthur, The Growth and Spread of the Bahá'í Faith, 1980, Ph.D.

Johnson, Vernon Elvin, An Historical Analysis of Critical Transformation in the Evolution of the Bahá'í World Faith, 1974, Ph.D.

Lawson, Todd, The Qur'an Commentary of Sayyid 'Ali Muhammad, the Bab, 1987, Ph.D.

MacEoin, Denis M., A Revised Survey of the Sources for Early Babi Doctrine and History, 1977, Ph.D.

MacEoin, Denis M., From Shaykhism to Babism: A study in Charismatic renewal in Shi'i Islam, 1979, Ph.D.

Mahmoudi, Jalil, A Sociological Analysis of the Bahá'í Movement, 1966, Ph.D.

Mash, S. David, An Examination of Bahá'í Christology, 1985, M.S.

May, Dann J., untitled, 1993, M.S.

Mithaqiyan-Shirazi, Farydun, Tahirih and the Emancipation of Women, 1982, M.S.

Rafati, Vahid, The Development of Shaykhi Thought in Shi'i Islam, 1979, Ph.D.

Ward, Allan L., An Historical Study of the North American Speaking Tour of 'Abdu'l-Bahá and A Rhetorical Analysis of His Addresses, 1960, Ph.D.

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XII. Periodicals

Ahang-i Badi'; (no.): 165-167, 170-173, 175-188, 190, 193-201, 208-223, 225-250, 261-264, 273-278, 281-300, 305-308, 313-314, 317-320, 325-335, 337-341, 343, 345-347

Akhbar-i Amry; (yr/no.): 50:18, 57:1, 57:5

'Andalib; (no.): 1-8, 10-42, 45-46

Bahá'í Studies Bulletin: all of them

Bang-i Surush: Aug 87-Jan 88, Mar 88, Jun 88, Aug 88 - Sept 89

Journal of Bahá'í Studies; (vol/no.): 2:3, 3:1-4:1

Payam-i Badi': 22, 59, 64, 81, 107-08, 110-111, 113-14, 124-141, 144-164

Payam-i Bahá'í; (no.): 5-6, 13-15, 20-21, 24, 26, 32-33, 37-41, 49-50, 55-56, 59-61, 63-148, 150-152, 154-163, 167-169, 171, 173-180, 182, 188 (61, 118-123, 173-174 are in form of photocopies)

Taranih-i Umid; (yr/no.): 26:6, 27:1-27:10, 28:1-28:7, 29:1-29:8, 30:2, 30:7

World Order: Jan 38-Jul 38, Oct 38- Mar 39, Sept 39, 1:1 (fall 66) - 24:1&2 (fall89/winter 90)

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XIII. Pilgrim's Notes

Agnew, Arthur S., "Table Talks of Acca", Apr 10-16, 1907, published 1907, 23 pages.

Allen, John & Valera, "Haifa Impressions", 14 pages, (page 5 is missing.)

Allen, Mrs. Valera, "Excerpts from letter to Miss Charlotte Linfoot". Feb 26. 1955, 2 pages.

anonymous compiler, "unpublished pilgrim's notes", 7 pages, (possibly Ruth R. Moffett's)

anonymous compiler, "A Pilgrimage to Thonon", Sept 1911, 8 pages.

anonymous compiler, "unpublished pilgrim's notes", 6 pages.

anonymous compiler, "Notes taken at the Holy Household", 8 pages.

anonymous compiler, "Words attributed to Abdul-Bahá relating to Mary Magdalene", 2 pages.

Ashton, Beatrice, "A Pilgrim's Notes on Teaching and Administration", Bahá'í News, Dec 1952, 3 pages.

Barney, Miss C., "unpublished pilgrim's notes", 1908, Akka, 3 pages, page 1 is missing.

Beasley, Elmer and Gladys, "Our Pilgrimage to Haifa", 1957, 19 pages.

Breakwell, Thomas; Hopper, Herbert; Brittingham, Isabella D., "unpublished pilgrim's notes", Sept 1901, 14 pages.

Brittingham, Isabella D., "unpublished pilgrim's notes on the Greatest name", 1903, 5 pages.

Brown, Romona A. "Haifa Notes", May 2, 1954, 6 pages.

Chase, Thornton, "In Galilee", published 1921, 84 pages.

Dudley, Alice, "Notes on Pilgrimage to Haifa", Apr 15-23, 1957, 3 copies: 7 pages, 4 pages and 6 pages.

Edge, Clara A, "Haifa Notes", May 16-25, 1954, unpublished, 6 pages.

Fellows, Vivian, "Extracts from remarks to pilgrims to Haifa by Shoghi Effendi", undated, unpublished, 1 page.

Finch, Mrs. Ida A., Knobloch, Miss Fanny A., and Knoblock, Miss Elma S., "Flowers Culled from the Rose Garden of Acca", Nov 7-13, 1908, published, 40 pages.

Getsinger, Lua, "Words of 'Abdul-Bahá", Ramleh, Egypt, 1 page.

Goodall, Helen S., Wise, Harriet M., Cooper, Ella G., "Instructions given by Abdul-Bahá", July 1912, unpublished, 2 pages.

Goodall, Helen S., Cooper Ella Goodall, "Daily Lessons Received at Acca", Jan 1908, published 1908, 100 pages.

Gregory, Louis G., "A Heavenly Vista -- The Pilgrimage of Louis G. Gregory", Apr 10 - May 4, 1911, published, 32 pages.

Grundy, Julia M., "Ten Days in the Light of Acca", published 1907, 111 pages.

Haney, Charles and Mariam, "A Heavenly Feast -- Some Utterances of Abdul-Bahá to two American Pilgrims", Feb 1909, published, 36 pages.

Harris, Hooper, "Letter conveying impressions of Akka and Abdul-Bahá", 1907, unpublished, 4 pages.

Hoffman, Marion Holley, "Pilgrim Notes", 1953, (unpublished), 7 pages.

Kenny, Sarah "Notes", 1954, one set 3 pages another set 4 pages.

Leach, Bernard, "Excerpts from a letter after his visit to Haifa", Dec 1954, 1 page.

Levy, Ben; Sears, Marguerite, "Talks by Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith", 56 pages, (levy: Mar 9-16, 1953, Sears: Feb 26-Mar 8, 1953)

Lucas, Mary L., "A Brief Account of My Visit to Acca", Jan 1905, published Sept 1905, have through page 21.

Lucas, Mary L., "A Brief Account of My Visit to Acca", Jan 30, 1905, 1 page summary.

Maxwell, Mrs. May and Miss Mary, "Haifa Notes of Shoghi Effendi's Words", Jan-Mar 1937,
vol 1: 38 pages,
vol 1: 45 pages,
vol 2: 38 pages, pages 9 and 14 are missing
letter from Mrs. May Maxwell to Mrs. Katherine Bladwin of Honolulu (regarding the Haifa notes)

Maxwell, Mrs. May and Miss Mary, "Excerpts from the Haifa Notes of Shoghi Effendi's Words", Jan-Mar 1937, 10 pages.

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XIV. Desiderata:

XIV.1. Manuscripts

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XIV.2. Printed Books

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