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  1. Steven Kolins, comp. 50,000 Newspaper Clippings from (2023). Excel files with OCRed text, and PDF files with thumbnail image clippings linked to, of tens of thousands of articles from 1748-2023.
  2. Diana Rose Yoka. Aboriginal Health, Healing, Spirituality, Truth and Forgiveness (2001). [needs abstract]
  3. Bahá'u'lláh and Shoghi Effendi et al Bahá'í International Archives, comp. Archives, Bahá'í: Guidance Regarding (n.d.).
  4. William P. Collins. Bahá'í Classification Schemes (2001). Explanation of the expanded filing scheme for Bahá'í topics used at the Bahá'í World Centre Library, and outlines of two other classification schemes which could be adopted by private Bahá'í archives.
  5. Bahá'í Studies Bulletin: Archive (1982). Links to the full issues of BSB (all offsite).
  6. Website Archive (2021). Archive of all PDF files from the expired website, including Excel table-of-contents. There are 1740 files named sequentially, 1.pdf ... 1742.pdf, totaling 13GB.
  7. Thellie Lovejoy. Barstow Collection: Contents, Index, and Compiler's Notes (2000). Introduction to and contents list of the 478 translated tablets and other English documents from the library of American collector Dwight Barstow.
  8. Bulletin Board Archive 1997-2003 (1997). The first Forum on the site.
  9. Youli A. Ioannesyan. Concept of the "Perfect Man" (Pole) in Sufism and the Bahá'í Notion of the Manifestation of God, The (2001). While there is an obvious similarity between the Sufi concept of the "Perfect Man" and the Bahá'í concept of the "Manifestation of God," there are also striking differences; the theologies of at-Tirmidhí, Ibn al-'Arabí, Dáwud-al-Qaysarí, and Haydar Amulí.
  10. Bahá'í International Archives. Digital Archiving at the Bahá'í World Centre Library (1999). A paper written by staff at the Bahá'í World Centre Library (and approved for publication) about organization and methods of electronic-media archiving, as of 1999.
  11. Sen McGlinn, comp. Dutch Library Holdings (2000). Complete list of items relating to Bábí or Bahá'í studies in multiple languages, housed in the three principal and other libraries across the Netherlands.
  12. Thellie Lovejoy, comp. Dwight Barstow Collection (2000). Partial scans of the 478 translated tablets and other English documents from the archive of American collector Dwight Barstow.
  13. Emma Maxie Jones, comp. Emma Maxwell (Maxie) Jones Collection (1907). 64 documents collected by Maxie Jones covering a wide variety of topics and sources: pilgrims' notes, letters of Shoghi Effendi, convention reports, Tablets, hymns, compilations, talks of Ruhiyyih Khanum, personal letters of early Bahá'ís.
  14. Bosch Bahá'í School library. Robert Stauffer, comp. Eshraghieh and Mahmoud Rabbani Collection (1998). Arabic and Persian books, tablets, and manuscripts held at the Bosch Bahá'í School library.
  15. European Bahá'í Archives Workshop (2001). Essays and handouts from a workshop on preservation of source material. Includes forms for archivists, historians, local and national assemblies, archiving methods, oral history guidelines, organizational schemes, and compilations from the Writings.
  16. George Hearst and Phoebe Hearst. George and Phoebe Apperson Hearst papers, 1849-1926 (1849). 448 pages of documents, provided by Includes only passing mentions of the Bahá'í Faith.
  17. Steven Kolins, ed. History of the Baha'i Faith in North Carolina, 1845-1970: Presentations from the First Summer Seminar (2018). Presentations at the first Summer Seminar on the history of the Bahá'í Faith in North Carolina, organized by Steven Kolins, sponsored by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baháʼís of Orange County NC, Aug 3-5 2018, at the Efland Bahá'í Center.
  18. Graham Hassall, ed. International Conference on Bahá'í Libraries and Archives (2003). Conference convened at Landegg International University for people to share experiences, learn about best practices, and begin developing a structure for world interaction among those who handle and organize Bahá’í library and archival materials.
  19. Iranian National Bahá'í Archives (INBA) (1976). 105 volumes of Bahá'í writings and manuscripts, compiled before the Islamic revolution in Iran by the Bahá'í National Spiritual Assembly and distributed as photocopies to Bahá'í scholars and archives, for preservation.
  20. Juan Cole, comp. Juan Cole manuscript and book collection: Shaykhi, Babi, and Baha'i texts (1997). Manuscripts and books in Cole's library and selected Iranian National Bahá'í Archive contents.
  21. David Piff, comp. Letters to and from US Presidential Archives (1984). A collection of correspondence circa 1984 from and to archivist David Piff concerning Bahá'í-related holdings. Also included is some correspondence between offices of the presidents and the US National Spiritual Assembly and the BIC.
  22. Steven Kolins, comp. Oregon Newspaper Archive (1923). 50 news clippings from an "independent paper devoted to the interests of the people" that were found searching newspaper archives for Bahá'í keywords.
  23. Ahang Rabbani, comp. Persian/Arabic Bahá'í Books in the Library of Ahang Rabbani (1999). Private library of Persian and Arabic sacred writings and other Bahá'í-related material.
  24. Paul Gerard. "Phoenix Schedule" for the Dewey '200s', Suggested in particular for Bahá'í Libraries, A (2000). On the structure and limitations of the Dewey Decimal Scheme, with a detailed expanded subset for Bahá'í material.
  25. Bahá'í International Archives and Universal House of Justice. Publishing, Bahá'í, Memorandum on: Materials to be Deposited with the Bahá'í World Centre Library (1998). Overview of Literature Review, publishing, translations, and details of the requirement of sending copies of all materials to the World Center archives.
  26. Bill Washington. Recollections of Pilgrimage: Nine Days with the Guardian in 1957 (2014). Lengthy account of 9 days in the Holy Land. Appendixes include list of items in the Archives, stories told by other pilgrims, and discussion of the Ten-Year Plan.
  27. Graham Hassall, ed. Reference Desk, The: Projects that Support Bahá'í Scholarship in the Digital Age (2022). 13 presentations on how digital technologies are supporting Bahá’í scholarship. Webmasters, bibliographers, genealogists, and archivists speak about their journey in reference projects: origins, progress, and insights into how their projects are used.
  28. Roger M. Dahl and Lewis Walker. Searchable online catalogues for US National Bahá'í Library and Louhelen Library (2014). Overview of and links to online catalogues for two American Bahá'í archives.
  29. Steven Kolins, ed. Select Clevenger Archives, 1926-1936 (2021). Personal letters to Ella Robarts, the National Spiritual Assembly, Horace Holley, and others; article "The Riddle of the Slain Co-ed" from Insider Detective.
  30. Susan Gammage. Various Essays (2013). 47 short essays on following the teachings and living a Bahá'í life, life coaching and counselling, recovery from substances or abuse, family matters, dreams, elections, debt, abortion, and more. Includes bios of Bruce Matthews and Caroline Lehmann.
  31. Walter Jones and Emma Maxie Jones. Ernie Jones, comp. Walter and Emma Jones Bahá'í Archive Photo Album (2008). Album of 475 annotated images of Bahá'í friends and associates of the Walter (1888-1990) and Emma Maxie (1904-1984) Jones family, from 1925 to 1994.
  32. Прежняя версия библиотеки (-).
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