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COLLECTIONSPilgrims' notes, Historical documents
TITLETwin Pilgrimages of Núru'd-Dín Mumtází
AUTHOR 1Nureddin Mumtazi
CONTRIB 1Sheridan Sims, ed.
ABSTRACTAccounts of Nureddin Momtazi's pilgrimages in 1920 and 1955-56. Includes foreword and numerous notes, both covering much history and context. Documents reviewed and annotated by multiple members of Momtazi's family.
TAGSNurud-Din Mumtazi; Pilgrims notes
Background and translation

    Publication history: The first (1920) pilgrimage account was written up by Noureddin Momtazi in 1959 but not published until 1995. It was published by Mirat Publications ( in the original Persian as Khatirat-i-Nuh Ruzih; copyrighted by Rouhollah Momtazi, eldest son of Noureddin Momtazi. The second (1955-56) pilgrimage account, dictated by Noureddin Momtazi in English, was preserved in typescript form and has never been published.

    Translation and editing: The English translation of the 1920 account was done by Mr. Ardeshir Khodadad Forudi, a relative of a son-in-law of Rouhollah Momtazi. The translation was edited by Sheridan A. Sims, another son-in-law of R. Momtazi. The 1955-56 account was edited by Sims.

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