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COLLECTIONSBiographies, Pilgrims' notes
TITLEMemoirs of Frances Bradford Jones Edelstein
AUTHOR 1Frances Bradford Jones Edelstein
ABSTRACTMemoirs of the first pioneer to Famagusta (as requested by Shoghi Effendi to pioneer from the City of the Covenant to the City of the Arch-Breaker of the Covenant), and pilgrim to Haifa in December 1953. First written June 1985, completed April 1999.
NOTES See also Personal Recollections of Famagusta.
TAGS- Plans; Alabama, USA; Amatul-Bahá Ruhiyyih Khanum; Bahá'í Radio; Bahá'u'lláh, Photographs of; Bahiyyih Khanum (Greatest Holy Leaf); Birmingham, AL; California, USA; Conventions, Regional; Cyprus; Famagusta, Cyprus; Frances Bradford Edelstein (Frances B. Jones); Great Jubilee; Haifa, Israel; Juliet Thompson; Kentucky, USA; Laura Clifford Barney; London, England; Louis G. Gregory; Louisville, KY; Lucerne, QC; Marjory Morten; Mark Tobey; Mírzá Yahya (Subh-i-Azal); Montclair, NJ; Myra Bryant; New Jersey, USA; New York, USA; Palo Alto, CA; Pilgrim House, Western; Pilgrimage; Pilgrims notes; Pilgrims notes (general); Pioneering; Race; Racism; Seven Year Plan, US and CA (1937-1944); Seven Year Plan, US and CA (1946-1953); Shoghi Effendi, Life of (documents); Sioux Falls, SD; South Dakota, USA; Switzerland; Tablets of the Divine Plan; Ten Year Crusade; United Kingdom; United States (documents)
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