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Tine Waagaard, painting, Norway

Chris Wagg, textiles, paintings, Wales, U.K.

Wang Xin,"The Lotus Project", painting, sculpture, P.R. China.

Jacqueline Wassen, illustrator / painter / mail art, The Netherlands.

Rob Weinberg, author, reviewer, U.K.

Tarasieh Werle - Vahdat, glass - visual artist, Ecuador.

Melies Wessels, sculptor / painter / children's art classes, The Netherlands.

Mary-Anne Westeneng, tapestry, New Zealand.

Roger White, poet, Canada / Israel.

Thaya Whitten, painter, pianist, Canada.

Wildfire, theatre, music, dance group, Australia.

Kaziek Wieckowski, sculptor, poet, Poland.

Sue Williamson, curator, installations, South Africa.

Carolyn Nur Wistrand, playwright, U.S.A.

Susan Lewis Wright, singer/songwriter, music, arts organizer, U.S.A.

Angela Wood, singer/songwriter, musician, U.K.

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