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Melies Wessels

sculpture, painting, drawing, teaching, The Netherlands

Melies Wessels, 2004.

Melies makes sculpture in various materials, often in metals for sculpture for outdoors. She also teaches children's art classes and lives in Berg aan de Maas in Limburg, the southern part of the Netherlands.

Parmantig (Self conscious), cast bronze,
height: 25 cm.

Het Paar (The Pair), stone and iron, height: 50 cm.

Foreground: Sirk de Solei (Circus of the Sun),
3 elements in iron, 2 metres high.
Background (middle): Oeps, de wereld reizer (Oops, the world traveller), bronze and iron, height: about 2 metres.

contact: MYL[at]
MYL art salon, Koning Albertlaan 74, Maasiek, Belgium
tel: +32 (0)89 561 561 or + 31 (0)46 433 7654

Lente Krebbels (Spring Fever), cast bronze, stone and iron, height: 90 cm.

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands