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Gail Radley, writer, author of children's books, U.S.A.

Vasily Ragosin, theatre, Russia.

Jessy Rahman, visual artist, arts co-ordinator, curator, The Netherlands.

Miroslaw Rajkowski, performance artist, overtone singing, Poland.

Diana Ramaekers, visual artist, The Netherlands.

Corinne Randall, painter, printmaker, U.K.

Peter Randall-Page, sculptor, U.K.

Steve Ransome, musician, composer, producer and arranger, Scotland - U.K.

Eliza Rasiwala, article about the architecture of F. Sabha, Israel.

Paul Rayner, painter, curator, New Zealand.

Julie Redson-Smith, singer, U.S.A.

Conrad Reina, visual arts, design, illumination, Ireland.

Cary Enoch Reinstein, graphic designer, website designer, visual artist, U.S.A.

Muhtadia Rice, actress / singer, U.S.A.

Margun Risa, singer, Norway

Geraldine Robarts, paintings, drawings, illustrations, Kenya.

Ben Roberts, actor/theatre director, U.S.A.

Mike Robles, singer, songwriter, guitarist, Costa Rica.

Bev and Mike Rogers, singers, musicians, U.S.A.

Otto Donald Rogers, painter, Canada / Israel.

Reece Rongonui, sculptor, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Cal E. Rollins, poet, U.S.A.

Dzintra Eze-Rozentale, painter, illustrator, Latvia.

Linda Eze-Rozentale, painter, illustrator, Latvia.

Chris Ruhe, singer, songwriter, U.S.A.

David Ruhe, watercolours, drawings, U.S.A.

Janet Ruhe, poet / writer, U.S.A.

Caroline Ruizeveld, sculptor, The Netherlands.

Asaph Rwiza, painter, Uganda.

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