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Asaph Rwiza  

painter, Uganda / Tanzania.

Asaph was born and raised in Tanzania. He worked at the Ugandan House of Worship in Kampala during 2000 and 2001, while developing his creative writing and painting.

Photograph of the Bahá´í Ugandan House of Worship by Asaph Rwiza, 2001.

I have drawn and painted since I was a child and was an official school artist at my secondary school. After my secondary education, I joined business college and had forgotten about arts until I met the Bahá´í pioneer and painter, Mr. Hong Foo Tat when he was in Tanzania, who encouraged and inspired me.

When the Bahá'ís at the National office realized that I could draw, they encouraged me and gave me time to draw, around my other duties here in the office.

Lately I have been illustrating introductary books for the Uganda Bahá'í Institute for Development, which is responsible for Bahá'í schools, Bahá'í health projects, agricultural projects, study circles and other teaching activities. So far I have illustrated three books. "Tender Plants" Book 1 and 2, one booklet "I am a Bahá'í". I am also illustrating a pamphlet for the Save the Children Fund UK. It has about five pictures telling peoples in Uganda to understand the rights of children and showing children who have been affected by war and deseases particulary aids.
I also learnt a little about puppets after attending a workshop organized the Bahá'ís for East Africa.

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