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Mike Robles   singer, songwriter, guitarist, Costa Rica.

Michel Verheecke, left,
jamming with Mike Robles
in Brugge, Belgium, 1998.

Mike joined the Bahá´í Faith when he was 15 years old and being part of this community meant participating in a lot of music. So being stimulated by all this love of music around him he started to learn the guitar and started writing songs a few years later.

Most of his songs written over the last twenty years make links between abstract concepts and the world around and are inspired by Bahá´í Teachings.
"Siembra Paz" (Sow peace) is a popular song because abstract concepts such as love or peace are connected with concrete elements such as nature.
Mike will play in any situation to liven up or to make contact with people and generally performs in connection with travel teaching or travelling. In particular he indentifies with Gypsy communities and travelled around Spain in1993 visiting many Gypsy communities with his guitar.
In 1994 Mike and Martin Carvajal, an another Bahá'í from Costa Rica, travelled around rural areas, to advertise and announce through song, that the Bahá'í radio was expanded and in operation. Another memorable music travelling trip was driving up to the World Congress in 1992. Music is a means of communication for Mike.

  • Photograph + caption: Just Let the Wind, 2006

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