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TITLETablets of Baha'u'llah: Cross-reference between Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh, the Leiden List, and Editable "Wiki" Pages
CONTRIB 1Brett Zamir, comp.
TAGS* Bahá'u'lláh, Writings of; - Cross-reference; - Leiden List
Tablet of Bahá'u'lláhBook Page #Leiden List #Wiki Editable Page
Lawh-i-Karmil (Tablet of Carmel)1137137
Lawh-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Tablet)76060
Bishárát (Glad-Tidings)191313
Tarázát (Ornaments)31340340
Tajallíyát (Effulgences)45339339
Kalímát-i-Firdawsíyyih (Words of Paradise)552424
Lawh-i-Dunyá (Tablet of the World)818383
Ishráqát (Splendours)992222
Lawh-i-Hikmat (Tablet of Wisdom)135116116
Asl-i-Kullu'l-Khayr (Words of Wisdom)15388
Lawh-i-Maqsúd (Tablet of Maqsúd)159162162
Súriy-i-Vafá (Tablet to Vafá)179329329
Lawh-i-Siyyid-i-Mihdíy-i-Dahájí (Tablet to Siyyid Mihdíy-i-Dahají)193245245
Lawh-i-Burhán (Tablet of the Proof)2038181
Kitáb-i-`Ahd (Book of the Covenant)2172626
Lawh-i-Ard-i-Bá (Tablet of the Land of Bá)2256161


"GOD testifieth that there is none other God but..."2315858
"ALL praise be to Thee, O my God, inasmuch as Thou..."233169169
"O HUSAYN! God grant thou shalt ever be bright and..."234119?119?
"THIS is a Tablet which the Lord of all being hath sent..."2355959
"O FRIEND! In the Bayán We directed everyone in this..."236260260
"O JAVÁD! Such is the greatness of this Day that the Hour..."237312312
"WE make mention of him who hath been attracted by Our..."2385555
"O THOU who bearest My Name, Júd [Bounty]! Upon..."240134134
"O HAYDAR! This Wronged One hath heard thy voice..."243107107
"BY the righteousness of God! The Mother Book is made..."247107107
"O MUHAMMAD Husayn! Be thou prepared to receive the..."250107
"O MY handmaiden and My leaf! Rejoice with great joy..."251107107
"AT one time this sublime Word was heard from the..."253
"THIS is a Tablet sent down by the All-Merciful from the..."253
"O MY handmaiden, O My leaf! Render thou thanks unto..."254
"O HANDMAID of God! Hearken unto the Voice of the..."255
"FIX your gaze upon wisdom in all things, for it is an..."256
"THIS Wronged One doth mention him who hath set his..."257
"HE Who leadeth to true victory is come. By the righteousness..."259106106
"THIS is a Tablet sent down by the Lord of mercy that the..."26135?35?
"WE desire to mention him who hath set his face towards..."2624343
"GIVE ear unto that which the Spirit imparteth unto thee from..."265167167
"THIS Wronged One hath perused thy letter in the Most..."267103103
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