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TITLETales of Magnificent Heroism: The Impact of the Báb and His Followers on Writers and Artists
AUTHOR 1Robert Weinberg
ABSTRACTThis concise survey explores how this particular episode in humanity’s religious history resonated so strongly through the decades that followed.
NOTES Mirrored from, which includes illustrations, not included in the PDF below, of individuals discussed in the article (part of the collection Arts, Culture & the Media).
TAGS- Báb, The; Appreciations; Bábísm; Charlotte Despard; Comte de Gobineau; Edward Granville Browne; Introductory; Iran (documents); Isabella Grinevskaya; Jules Bois; Laura Clifford Barney; Leo Tolstoy (author); Mark Tobey; Matthew Arnold; Mírzá Habib-i-Shirazi; Muhammad Iqbal; Robert Hayden; Tahirih; Thomas Kelly Cheyne (T. K. Cheyne); William Michael Rossetti
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