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Creation is an act of divine manifestation across five realms: Háhút, the unknowable Essence of God; Láhút, the first actualization of potentiality; Jabarút, God's action and will in creation; Malakút, the angelic plane; and Násút, the physical world.
The following is a set of research notes, not an actual article. Mirrored with permission from

The Worlds of God

by Iscander Micael Tinto


The creation is essentially a theophany (tajalli). As such, creation is an act of the divine imaginative power : this divine creative imagination is essentially a theophanic Imagination. Corbin, Creative Imagination, p.182.

non – tajalli

the first hadrah (the Absolute in its absolutness). The plane of the Essence (dhat), the world of the absolute non-manifestation (al-ghayb al-mutlaq) or the Mystery of Mysteries.



the second hadrah (the Absolute manifesting itself as God). The plane of the Attributes and the Names, the Presence of Divinity (uluhiyah).


HAQQ (Absolute)


the third hadrah (the Absolute manifesting itself as Lord). The plane of the actions, the Presence of Lordship (rububiyah).



the fourth hadrah (the Absolute manifesting itself as half-spiritual and half-material things). The plane of Images (amthal) and Imagination (khayal) in a pure mystical sense.



the fifth hadrah (the Absolute manifesting itself as the sensible world). The plane of the senses and sensible experience (mushahadah).


Izutsu, Sufism and Taoism, p.20.



the Essence in its self-revealing aspect

Knowledge ( ilm ) the permanent archetypes appear in the Divine Consciousness

First Mind, First Will, Bounty of the Kingdom,

World of the Kingdom

the Will or iradah the Will based on this Knowledge brings out the archetypes from the state of non -existence to the state of existence

World of Creation

the Command or Amr on the basis of the Will, the Command – Be ‘ kun – is issued, and thus the world is ‘created’

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Some Answered Questions, pp. 203, 295

Izutsu, Sufism and Taoism, pp.12, 20

There are essentially five Divine Presences (al-hadarat al-ilahiyyat al- khams) (Nasr, Islamic Spirituality, Foundations, p. 353)

AL-HAHUT (cf. Bahá’u’lláh, Kitáb-i-Íqán, pp.98-9)

The Hidden Mystery (Bahá’u’lláh, Prayers and Meditations, p.183:20)

Heaven of Oneness, a realm so exalted that even the Manifestations of God are unable to understand (Taherzadeh, Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, vol. 1, p.58)

Unknowable Essence of God (Momen, “Relativism,” p.190)

World of Divine Essence or Ipseity (Nasr, Science and Civilization, p.93)

Divine Essence (Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions, p.270)

The inacessible realm of the Divine Essence (Schaefer, Beyond the Clash of Religions, p.122)

The Presence of the Essence, HUWIYAT

The Divine Essence (Nasr, Islamic Spirituality, Foundations, p.353)

háhút: This is the realm of the unknowable Essence of God, the realm of “He” (huwa); the paradise of absolute oneness (ahadiyya). In this realm, God is known by such names as the “Hidden Mystery” and the “Absolute Unknown.” This is God as the unmanifested Essence. In this station, all of the names and attributes of God are undifferentiated and inseparable from the Essence; ‘Abdu’l-Bahá likens this to a dot of ink on paper within which are hidden and enclosed all letters and words in potential form, although no trace can be seen of these, nor are they in any way differentiated from the dot in this state of potentiality. This realm is so exalted that it is forever beyond all of the rest of creation; even the prophets of God have no access to this station.

Bahá’u’lláh describes it thus:

“To every discerning and illumined heart it is evident that God, the unknowable Essence, the divine Being, is immensely exalted beyond every human attribute, such as corporeal existence, ascent and descent, egress and regress. Far be it from His glory that human tongue should adequately recount His praise, or that human heart comprehend His fathomless mystery. . No tie of direct intercourse can possibly bind Him to His creatures. He standeth exalted beyond and above all separation and union, all proximity and remoteness… Gracious God! How could there be conceived any existing relationship or possible connection between His Word and they that are created of it?. . . All the Prophets of God and their chosen Ones, all the divines, the sages, and the wise of every generation, unanimously recognize their inability to attain unto the comprehension of that Quintessence of all truth, and confess their incapacity to grasp Him, Who is the inmost Reality of all things.” (Bahá’u’lláh, Kitáb-i-Íqán, pp.98-9)

The action of love within the Divine Essence results in the manifesting of the Absolute to itself. In this stage, the names and attributes of God became defined within the divine consciousness as the archetypal forms and essences of all created beings. However, since this is an event which takes place only within the divine consciousness, they are said to subsist within the Absolute and cannot yet be said to have achieved existence. Therefore this stage is regarded by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá as part of the Hidden Mystery. (Momen, “Relativism,” p.190)


World of the Heavenly Court (Bahá’u’lláh, Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys, p.25)

Plane of Divinity:World of God in relation to the Manifestation (Taherzadeh, Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, vol. 1, p.58)

All Glorious Horizon, Lord of Lords, Tongue of Grandeur, Most Exalted Pen, Primal Will, First Intelligence. This realm is the first emanation from God, the first revelation of the Essence of God. The Divine Names and attributes, potential and concealed in the realm of Hahut achieve existence. (Schaefer, Beyond the Clash of Religions, p.122, Momen, “Relativism,” p.191)

Divine Names and Qualities, Universal Intellect, Pure Being. (Nasr, Science and Civilization, p.93)

The Divine Nature revealing itself (Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions, p.270)

The Heavenly Court (KI p.181), the All-Glorious Horizon (PM 183:20), the Tongue of Grandeur (PM 183:20), the Most Exalted Pen (TB 8:52), the Primal Will (SWB 4:10:6), the Supreme, Divine Intelligence (Bahá’u’lláh, Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys, p.65)

The world of Names and Qualities (Nasr, Islamic Spirituality, Foundations, p.353)

láhút : This is the realm in which the potentialities hidden within the Essence of God are first actualized and revealed, but still within the Godhead; the realm of “He is He and there is none but He.” In this realm, the divine names and attributes, potential and concealed in the realm of háhút, achieve existence. This realm is the first emanation from God, the first revelation of the Essence of God. In Bahá’í terminology, it has variously been named the Heavenly Court, or the All-Glorious Horizon; and the manifestation of God in this station is called the Lord of Lords, the Tongue of Grandeur, the Most Exalted Pen, the Primal Will, the First Intelligence. In other religious dispensations it has been identified as Jehovah, the Speaker on Sinai, the Logos or Word of God, and the Nous or Divine Intellect.(Momen, Relativism p.191)


World of the Empyrean Heaven (Bahá’u’lláh, Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys, p.25)

All-Highest Dominion. God’s chosen Ones in relation to created things are invested with His Authority. (Taherzadeh, Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, vol. 1, p.59)

All-Highest Paradise; in previous Dispensations Logos or Word of God, Nous or Divine Intellect (Momen, “Relativism,” pp.191-2)

Intelligible World, World of Angelic Substances (Nasr, Science and Civilization, p.93)

Spiritual Existence beyond form. Divine decrees and spiritual powers are located. (Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions, p.270)

The archangelic world (Nasr, Islamic Spirituality, Foundations, p.353)

Ibn Arabi inserts between Jabarut and Malakut a sphere called ALAM AL – MITHAL where existentialization takes place. Sphere into which the high ambition (Himma) and prayers of the saints reach in order to set spiritual energies free and bring possibilities into actual being. ( Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions, p.270)

jabarút : This is the realm of the revealed God acting within Creation; the realm of “Thou art He Himself and He is Thou Thyself”. This realm is called the paradise of conditioned oneness (wáhidiyya), the all-highest Paradise. This is the realm of God’s actions and decrees. The manifestations of God in this realm, the agents of His Will, have in previous religious dispensations (and occasionally in the writings of Bahá’u’lláh) been considered to be the archangels, to each of whom is delegated the execution of one aspect of the decrees of God: for example, ‘Izrá’íl, the Angel of Death, and Isráfíl, the seraph who will sound the trumpet on the Day of Judgement. (Momen, “Relativism,” p.191-2)


World of the Kingdom of the Angels (SV p.25)

Kingdom of God, Heaven of Justice (RBv1 p.59)

Angelic Realm, Concourse on High, All Glorious Paradise (Momen, Relativism p.192) (see also PM 183:20, TB 4:13,7:8, 8:46, GL 129:3, 141:3, HWP 18,19, SWB2:34:1, SWA 8:1, 8:2, 8:5, 17:6, 42:3, 193:12)

World of Psychic and Subtle Manifestation (Science and Civilization, Nasr p.93)

Angelic World (Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions p.270)

Sphere of the Angels ( Qur’an 6:75, 8:185, 24:37 )

The lower angelic and subtle worlds (Nasr, Islamic Spirituality, Foundations p.353)

malakút : This is the angelic realm, the realm of those “whom neither business nor commerce distract them from the remembrance of God”. (Qur’an 24 :37)The manifestations of God in this realm have in previous dispensations been referred to as angels, while in Bahá’í writings they are called the “Concourse on High.” In Bahá’í terminology, the realm itself is called the all-glorious (abhá) Paradise. Concerning this realm, Bahá’u’lláh has written in the Lawh-i -Varqá:

‘The meaning of the Kingdom (malakút) in its primary sense and degree is the scene of His transcendent glory.[14] In another sense it is the world of similitudes (‘álam-i-mithál)(see Corbin, “imaginal world) which existeth between the Dominion on high (jabarút) and this mortal realm (násút); whatever is in the heavens or on the earth hath its counterpart in that world. Whilst a thing remaineth hidden and concealed within the power of utterance it is said to be of the Dominion (jabarút), and this is the first stage of its substantiation (taqyíd).

Whenever it becometh manifest it is said to be of the Kingdom (malakút). The power and potency it deriveth from the first stage, it bestoweth upon whatever lieth below.’” (Momen, Relativism p.192)


The corporeal world (Nasr,Islamic Spirituality, Foundations p.353)


Mortal World (SV p.25)

Mortal World, Heaven of Bounty (RB v1 p.59)

Physical World: Mineral, Vegetable, Animal Kingdoms (Momen, Relativism p.192)

Terrestrial or physical domain, dominated by man (Nasr, Science and Civilization p.93)

Place of humanity and creation (Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions p.270)

cfr. Goodall, Cooper, Daily Lessons received at Akka, pp.43-4

násút : This is the physical world. This world may be subdivided into the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. But, even at this level, each created thing is capable of manifesting some aspects of God.” (Momen, “Relativism,” p.192)

NB: In some cases a sixth state is added “the Universal Man” which contains the previous five states.(Nasr, Science and Civilization, p.93)





Hahut corresponds with ‘Alam al-haqq

Jabarut and Malakut with ‘Alam al-amr (Realm of Command, realm without time and matter, realm of the Intellect “ Aql “ and souls “ Nafus“)

Nasut corresponds with ‘Alam al-khalq Realm of Creation

Alam Al Ghaib Realm of the Unseen

al-Ghazali explains that there exist three worlds :

The World of the Kingdom and of the sensible perception (Mulk)

The Kingdom of Omnipotence (Jabarut)

The World of the Kingdom (Malakut)

The Worlds of God as are found in “Prayers and Meditations” of Baha’u’llah

Lahut, Jabarut, Malakut, Nasut

53:2; 295:24


The Malakut of Names “Malakut ‘Asma”

16:15, 37:6, 53:18, 62:25, 85:12, 117:18, 118:14, 126:9, 200:15, 268:5, 274:1, 291:13, 300:20, 325:14

Thy Malakut


The Malakut of creation

21:16, 33:2, 37:6, 66:1, 70:11, 97:16, 128:27, 133:10, 161:19, 172:2, 176:2, 187:6, 237:1, 271:9, 283:14, 289:19, 328:29, 333:15

The Malakut of earth and heaven “al-ard wa’l-samawat”

17:20, 36:13, 123:26, 280:26, 286:27-8

The Malakut of Thy Revelation



(amrika, amr)


The Malakut of Thy Revelation and of Thy Sovereignty “amrika wa sultanika”

The Kingdom of Thy Revelation and of Thy Sovereignty


The Malakut of Thy Revelation and Thy Creation “amrika wa khaqika”

The Kingdom of Thy Revelation and Thy Creation


The Malakut of existence “wujud”

The empire of all existence “kullu shay”

19:22, 163:1

The Malakut of Thy nearness “ghurbika”



The Malakut of all bounties/gifts “ahsan”

The source of all gifts


The Malakut of the visible and invisible kingdoms “al-ghayb wa’l-shuhud”

The visible and invisible kingdoms


The eternal Malakut “malakut-i-baqa”

The Kingdom of eternity


The Malakut of Thy exposition “bayanica”

The kingdom of thine utterance

270:12, 287:23

The Malakut of Thy signs “ayyatika”

The Kingdom of Thy signs/verses


The Malakut of Thy Beauty “jamal”

The Kingdom of beauty


The Malakut of thine irrevocable decree “qada”

The kingdom of thine irrevocable decree


Kingdom of domain, realm, cities

31:24, 133:28, 244:6, 308:9


Jabarut of revelation and creation “al-amr wa’l-khalq”

Realms of revelation and creation

102:10, 133:10, 308:21

Jabarut of the contingent world “al-imkan”

The Lordship of all things


Jabarut of all names “al-asma”

The Kingdom of Thy Names


Loftiest summits “jabarut”

103:10, 295; 161

Nightingale of Glory “andalib-al baha”

Highest Heaven “jabarut al-ama”


Heavenly dominion “jabarutika”


Jabarut “al-izza wa’l-irtifa”

The realms of loftiness and grandeur


Jabarut al-fadl

The heaven of Thy grace


Jabarut al-mashiyyat

The Heaven of Thy Will


Jabarut liqa’ika

The heaven of Thy presence


Malakut of heavens and of the earth

32:16, 36:13, 102:11, 286:27

Jabarut of revelation “amr” and of creation “khalq”

32:17, 36:14, 102:10, 286:28

Jabarut al-ayyat

The dominion of utterance


…from the land “mulk”


All possessing “malik”

earth “mulk”

heaven “jabarut”

glory “izza”

dominion “jabarut”

the Lord “mawla”

possessor “malik”

throne on high “arsh”

earth below “ithara”


Poor “faqir”

heart “qalb”

beams “nur”

knowledge “ma’rifa”

revelations “shu’unat”

earthly life “nasut”

the verities “haqa’iq”

unseen world “lahut”

mysteries “asrar”

heavenly realm “jabarut”

signs and tokens “zuhurat”

Thy kingdom “malakut”


First Word “kalmia”

Will “mashiyya”

Purpose “irada”

All created things “haqa’iq al-wujud”

Contingent world “mulk”

Heavenly kingdom “malakut”

New creation “takwin”

Unseen realms “jabarut, lahut”


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