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COLLECTIONBahá'í Writings
TITLEShort Obligatory Prayer in Many Languages
ABSTRACTThree files: Short Obligatory Prayer in 501 languages (as published in Bahá'í World), and in a collection of African languages.
NOTES Scanned and edited (item 3 only) by Arjen Bolhuis.

See also The Short Obligatory Prayer recited in Arabic and subtitled in the World’s Languages - by the Utterance Project; Overview of Translations of Bahá'í Texts on; Short Obligatory Prayer in Constructed Languages; The Short Obligatory Prayer Project (archived) and Long Obligatory Prayer: Printable, Foldable Version in many languages.

TAGS- Africa; - Parallel translation; Language; Obligatory prayer, Short; Prayer; Translation; Utterance Project

1. From The Bahá'í World Volume 17 1976-1979 (1981), pp. 495-541

2. From The Bahá'í World Volume 18 1979-1983 (1986), pp. 846-865

3. Short Obligatory Prayer in African Languages

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