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TITLELong Obligatory Prayer: Printable, Foldable Version
ABSTRACTLayout of the Long Obligatory Prayer designed to be printed, trimmed to pocket size, and foldable. Available in more than 50 languages.
NOTES The Word versions can be adapted to each user's own needs -- including inserting the Prayer in a different language, e.g. from (use paste option 'Merge formatting'). The below items were created by Arjen Bolhuis.

Tip: After printing double sided on the short edge, first fold in different ways a couple of times, and only then cut the sides to make it a small handable booklet.

CROSSREFLong Obligatory Prayer: Postures, and a compendium on obligatory prayer (Bahai9), and Transliteration of the Long Obligatory Prayer, and Short Obligatory Prayer in Many Languages, and Overview of Translations of Bahá'í Texts on
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"The daily obligatory prayers are three in number. ... The believer is entirely free to choose any one of these three prayers, but is under the obligation of reciting either one of them, and in accordance with any specific directions with which they may be accompanied."

- from a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi

"... the long Obligatory Prayer should be said at those times when one feeleth himself in a prayerful mood. In truth, it hath been revealed in such wise that if it be recited to a rock, that rock would stir and speak forth; and if it be recited to a mountain, that mountain would move and flow. Well is it with the one who reciteth it and fulfilleth God's precepts. Whichever prayer is read will suffice."

- Bahá'u'lláh

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