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COLLECTIONSAudio, Pilgrims' notes
TITLEReminiscences of Shoghi Effendi
AUTHOR 1John Robarts
AUTHOR 2Zikrullah Khadem
AUTHOR 3Musa Banani
NOTES Originally posted at, archived at, which notes "Talks by Mr. & Mrs. Robarts, Mr. & Mrs. Khadem, and Mrs. Banani in 1984." These are presumably John Robarts, Zikrullah Khadem, and Musa Banani, but I am not sure. No information is given about the context of this talk; email me if you know.
TAGSJohn Robarts; Musa Banani; Shoghi Effendi, Life of (documents); Zikrullah Khadem
Part 1: Download MP3 file [4 MB, 31 min.]
Part 1: Download MP3 file [2 MB, 17 min.]

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