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TITLEThe Extraordinary Life and Work of Wellesley Tudor Pole: Baha'i Seer
AUTHOR 1Lil Osborn
ABSTRACTOn the role of Bahá'í beliefs in the life and spiritual quest of Tudor Pole.
NOTES Delivered at the ABS Seminar, Newcastle England, 27-28 July 2013. See documents by Pole.
TAGSIstanbul, Turkey; Turkey; Wellesley Tudor Pole
Abstract: This paper seeks to evaluate the role of Wellesley Tudor Pole in the Bahá'í Movement and examine the place of Bahá'ísm in the wider context of The Quest which dominated Pole's spiritual life for several decades. Recent research has brought to light further information surrounding Pole's beliefs about the bowl he discovered in Glastonbury and its links to a lost library in Constantinople, his spirit guides and their role in conflicts in different spheres. The other two papers in this series are Alice Buckton: Bahá'í Mystic and Robert Felkin: Bahá'í Mage.
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