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TITLEThe Secret of Divine Civilization
AUTHOR 1Fariba Moghadam
ABSTRACTOverview of the history Abdu'l-Bahá's treatise, and its themes presented through a compilation of quotations. Prepared for the Wilmette Institute.
NOTES Mirrored from; see also direct link to PDF [5MB].

See also Secret of Divine Civilization Study questions (H. Riazati, 2001).

TAGS* Virtues; - Europe; - Islam; - Middle East; - Philosophy; Civilization; Consultation; Education; Ethics; Interfaith dialogue; Iran (documents); Leadership; Peace; Politics; Prosperity; Reform; Scholarship; Secret of Divine Civilization (book); Social and economic development
About: For Fariba Moghadam, “life has been a great university with its crises and victories, materially and spiritually.” She believes that “no achievement is worthy of mentioning if it is not in the Service of the Faith and for humanity.” Fariba enjoys reading books on the history of the Faith and the Bahá’í Administration, along with the Sacred scriptures. She draws on this knowledge to infuse her passion for tutoring in the training institute and strives with every group to be a valuable tutor and to continue learning with her co-workers.

After having studied at Wilmette Institute the course “The Secret of Divine Civilization and Ottoman Reform” Fariba was inspired to make this slide show presentation. (from

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