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TITLEA Wondrous New Day: The Numerology of Creation and 'All Things' in the Badí' Calendar
AUTHOR 1Robin Mihrshahi
ABSTRACTSymbolism in the Bahá'í-era calendar, some Shaykhí origins of the Báb’s cosmology and ontology, and how these Shaykhí concepts find symbolic expression in the structure and organization of the Badí‘ calendar.
NOTES The first third of this paper was published, in a slightly different version, as "Symbolism in the Badí‘ Calendar" in Baha’i Studies Review 12 (2004), pp 15-31.

See also Moojan Momen's The Names of the Bahá’í Months: Separating Fact from Fiction (offsite).

CROSSREFReview by Ismael Velasco (2004)
TAGS- Badi calendar; - Philosophy; - Symbolism; Arc of ascent and descent; Color; Cosmology; Numerology; Seven stages of creation; Worlds of God
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