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  1. Christopher Buck. Ayyám-i-Há (February 25) (2011).
  2. Moojan Momen. Badí' (Bahá'í) Calendar: An Introduction, The (2014). — Summary of the nature of Baha'i calendar, the way the Badi' calendar works, and the reason for the 2...
  3. Denis MacEoin. Badí' Calendar (1989). — Very brief article, short enough to qualify as "fair use."
  4. Amin Banani. Bahá'í Calendar and Festivals (1989). — Very brief article, short enough to qualify as "fair use."
  5. Bahá'í Calendar, Festivals, and Dates of Historic Significance (1986). — Feasts, anniversaries, days of fasting, holy days, Nabil's narrative on the Badi' Calendar, and brie...
  6. Anita Graves, comp. Bahá'í Era / Gregorian Calendar correlated to Ages, Epochs, and Plans (2014). — A chart showing the Baha'i Era (years 1-179) and their A.D. equivalent (1844-2023), and their divisi...
  7. Darius Shahrokh. Bahá'í Holy Days (1992). — Selection of Writings about or related to the Holy Days, and overview of the meanings and rituals fo...
  8. Robert Stockman. Bahá'í holy days and commonalities among different religious traditions (2005). — Audio presentation with background music, prepared for an audio series from the US Baha'i National C...
  9. Universal House of Justice. Bahá'í Teachings, Aspects of (1997). — Authenticity of Statements; Mathnavi; Quranic quotations; Marriage Prayer; 'Sun' and 'Moon'; Hands o...
  10. Universal House of Justice, comp. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 18 (1979-1983) (1986). — Periodic volumes that survey the global activities and major achievements of the Faith.
  11. Christopher Buck and J. Gordon Melton. Calendar, Bahá'í, and Rhythms of Worship (2011).
  12. Warwick Bahá'í Bookshop. Christmas and Bahá'ís: Warwick Leaflets (2002).
  13. Moojan Momen. Commentary on a Passage in the Epistle to the Son of the Wolf (2013). — Short biography of the Son of the Wolf, Aqa Najafi; summary of persecutions from 1874-1903; and the ...
  14. Christopher Buck. Covenant, Day of the (November 26) (2011).
  15. Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá et al. Feast, Nineteen Day (1991).
  16. Christopher Buck. Feast, Nineteen-Day (2011).
  17. Arjen Bolhuis. First Kull-i-Shay' of the Bahá'í Era, The (1999). — Chart of the first 361 years (19*19) of the Baha'i Era, in both HTML and Excel formats.
  18. Udo Schaefer. Foreword: Time and the Badí` Calendar (2008). — An investigation of ‘time’ and the ‘Badi‘ calendar’ and its inherent symbolism.
  19. Universal House of Justice. Holy Day Observances (1992). — Do Tablets of Visitation need to be recited on holy days? Do participants need to face the Qiblih wh...
  20. Shoghi Effendi. Juan Cole, trans. Letter to Jináb-i-Áqá Mírzá Bádí'u'lláh Khán of Abadih (1997). — Answers four questions: (1) re "Crimson Scroll"; (2) re the "Sacred Night"; (3) re the "Tablet of th...
  21. Christopher Buck. Bolhuis Arjen, comp. List of Articles on (2020). — List of online essays and articles by Christopher Buck since 2014.
  22. Moojan Momen. Robert Stockman, comp. Names of the Bahá'í Months, The: Separating Fact from Fiction (2012). — A blog post, compiled for the Wilmette Institute, on the original source of the names of the months ...
  23. Christopher Buck. Naw-Rúz, Festival of (March 21) (2011).
  24. John Walbridge. Naw-Rúz: The Bahá'í New Year (1996). — History of the observance of Naw Ruz, the Iranian New Year, in Persian culture and the Baha'i Faith....
  25. Ali Nakhjavani. Ninth cycle of the Bahá'í calendar, The (2015). — Essay clarifying some technical issues involved with calculating lunar calendars, and how to appreci...
  26. John Taylor. Novelty in Ayyám-i-Há and the Badí Calendar (2000). — The place of calendars in a religion, and the meaning of the Badi calendar for Baha'is.
  27. Morgan Edna McKinney. Perpetual Bahá'í Calendar (n.d.). — One-page table showing the Baha'i days of the year in relation to the Gregorian calendar.
  28. Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá et al National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom, comp. Principles of Bahá'í Administration (1950). — A guide to procedure in the life and organic activity of the Baha'i community, prepared from three m...
  29. Universal House of Justice. Regarding the Implementation of the Badi` Calendar (2014). — Message to the Baha’is of the world on the updated calendar of Baha'i holy days. Includes a table ...
  30. Ismael Velasco. "Symbolism in the Badí' Calendar," by Robin Mihrshahi: Review (2004).
  31. Gerald C. Keil. Textual Context and Literary Criticism: A Case Study based on a Letter from Shoghi Effendi (2010). — The importance of systematic analysis of the written word prior to the process of exegesis to achiev...
  32. Stephen Lambden. Translation of the Arabic Du'á' al-Sahar (The Dawn Supplication) or Du'á' al-Bahá' (The Supplication of Splendour) with Select Expository Scriptural Writings of the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh, A (2023). — Translation of and commentary on the Shi'i "dawn supplication" for the Islamic month of Ramadan, and...
  33. Robin Mihrshahi. Wondrous New Day, A: The Numerology of Creation and 'All Things' in the Badí' Calendar (2004). — Symbolism in the Baha'i-era calendar, some Shaykhi origins of the Bab’s cosmology and ontology, an...

2.   from the Chronology (3 results)

  1. 1907-03-31 — The Baha'i calendar was used in North America for the first time. BFA2:247-8]...
  2. 2015-03-21 — The implementation of the Badi' Calendar on the first day of the tenth Vahid of the first Kull-i-Sha...
  3. 2023-12-19 — The publication of the second edition of <a href="

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