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Album of 475 annotated images of Bahá'í friends and associates of the Walter (1888-1990) and Emma Maxie (1904-1984) Jones family, from 1925 to 1994.
Collection prepared by Ernie Jones 2008; updated for posting here 2022. See also Emma Maxwell (Maxie) Jones Collection.

Walter and Emma Jones Bahá'í Archive Photo Album

by Walter Jones and Emma Maxie Jones

compiled by Ernie Jones
walter.jpg emma.jpg

Walter & Emma Jones
Bahá'í Archive Photo Album

This album contains images of
Bahá'í friends and associates of the
Walter (1888-1990)
Emma (Maxie) (1904-1984)
Jones family

Slideshows contain images with accompanying text arranged in numerical order in historical time sequence as far as possible.

Images are in folders named "images" and can be viewed or printed using your computer's photo or image viewing application. An additional folder named "images oversize" contains some higher resolution images.

Images are organized by the Jones family location of residence (except Hawaii, Los Angeles, Macy Nebraska, Geyserville and Bosch), by date and sequence number. They are reproduced from original photos, negatives and slides. Original notes on photographs are in bold type. Other notes by Ernie Jones and Karen Floyd. Notes in italics by Annie Kahn and daughters, March 2008.

See also the complete text accompanying all the images in one document, jones_bahai_archive_catalog.pdf or jones_bahai_archive_catalog.docx.

(Photos with notes)

1.   Maxie’s visit to Hawaii 1925 - 1926 (4 images) hawaii_1925-26
2.   Glendale Arizona area Bahá'ís 1930 - 1942 (23 images) glendale_1930-46
3.   San Diego California area Bahá'ís 1941 - 1948 (18 images) sandiego_1941-80
4.   Escondido California area Bahá'ís 1948 – 1958 (58 images) escondido_1947-65
5.   Los Angeles California area Bahá'ís 1955 - 1958 (8 images) losangeles_1955-58
6.   Gallup New Mexico area Bahá'ís 1959 - 1965 (59 images part 1) gallup1_1959-64
7.   Gallup New Mexico area Bahá'ís 1959 - 1965 (55 images part 2) gallup2_1959-64
8.   Gallup NM area Bahá'ís during Ruhiyyih Khanum’s visit 1960 (37 images) khanum_1960
9.   Macy Nebraska Indian Bahá'í Center 1965 (18 images) macy_1965
10. Cottonwood Arizona area Bahá'ís 1965 - 1988 (70 images) cottonwood_1965-88
11. Geyserville California Bahá'í School 1930 – 1959 (92 images) geyserville_1932-60
12. Bosch California Bahá'í School - 50th Reunion of the 9 Persian Bahá'í
      Youth sent to America in 1944 by the Guardian, Feb. 5, 1994 (33 images)
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      in either PDF or Microsoft Word formats.
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