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TITLEVarious Essays
AUTHOR 1Susan Gammage
ABSTRACT47 short essays on following the teachings and living a Bahá'í life, life coaching and counselling, recovery from substances or abuse, family matters, dreams, elections, debt, abortion, and more. Includes bios of Bruce Matthews and Caroline Lehmann.
NOTES Archive of essays originally written as blog posts for []. Selected by author, and formatted by David Bowie (2023) for posting here.
CROSSREFBahá'í Quotes, Prayers and Stories (compilations on many topics)
TAGS- `Abdu'l-Bahá,; - Living the life; - Plans; Abortion; Abuse; Addiction; African Americans; Alcohol; Anger; Backbiting; Bruce Matthews; Burial (funeral); Calamities and catastrophes; Calamities and catastrophes; Caroline Lehmann; Chastity; Consent (marriage); Consultation; Death; Detachment; Dreams and visions; Drugs; Education; Elections; Family; Food; Forgiveness; Forgiveness; Health and healing; Heaven and hell; Human nature; Life after death; Local Spiritual Assemblies; Marriage; Obedience; Parents; Psychology; Purpose of life; Relationships; Self; Suffering; Temptation; Tests and difficulties; Violence; Wealth and poverty; Will and testament (general)
‘'Abdu'l-Bahá’s Love for The Poorgammage_abdul-bahas_love_poor.pdf
'Abdu'l-Bahá’s Love for the African-Americansgammage_abdul-bahas_love_african_americans.pdf
‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Love for the Sacrifices Made By the Poor and Lowlygammage_abdul-bahas_love_sacrifices_poor.pdf
'Abdu'l-Bahá’s Love for The Sickgammage_abdul-bahas_love_sick.pdf
‘Abdu'l-Bahá’s Simple Lifegammage_abdul-bahas_simple_life.pdf
A New Understanding of My Lower Naturegammage_understanding_lower_nature.pdf
A Positive Attitude Towards Deathgammage_positive_attitude_death.pdf
Abortion and the Bahá’í Faithgammage_abortion_bahai_faith.pdf
Abuse Recovery 101gammage_abuse_recovery_101.pdf
Are Bahá'ís Allowed to Carry Debt?gammage_bahais_allowed_debt.pdf
Assistance For the Victimgammage_assistance_victim.pdf
Attitudes Necessary to Effective Consultationgammage_attitudes_effective_consultation.pdf
Avoiding Parental Alienationgammage_avoiding_parental_alienation.pdf
Backbiting and the Local Spiritual Assemblygammage_backbiting_spiritual_assembly.pdf
Bahá’í Education of Childrengammage_education_children.pdf
Bahá'í Electionsgammage_bahai_elections.pdf
Bahá'í Marriage Requirementsgammage_bahai_marriage_requirements.pdf
Bahá'ís with Eating Disordersgammage_bahais_eating_disorders.pdf
Being vs Doinggammage_being_vs_doing.pdf
Benefits of Detachment in the Next World
and How to Let Go
Bruce Matthews, Knight of Bahá'u'lláhgammage_wright_biography_bruce_matthews.pdf
Calamities - Causing the Limbs of Mankind to Shakegammage_calamities_limbs_shake.pdf
Caroline Lehmann: First Bahá'í in West Gravenhurstgammage_lakshman_biography_caroline_lehmann.pdf
Change is Difficult and Takes a Long Time1gammage_change_takes_time.pdf
Consent to Marriage: A Bahá'í Perspectivegammage_consent_marriage.pdf
Eight Steps to Repentancegammage_eight_steps_repentance.pdf
Faith and Loss of Faithgammage_faith_loss_faith.pdf
Famous Dreams in the Bahá'í Faithgammage_famous_dreams_bahai_faith.pdf
Feeling Abandoned by Godgammage_feeling_abandoned_by_god.pdf
Five Steps to Forgivenessgammage_five_steps_forgiveness.pdf
Five Ways to Achieve Our Purpose in Lifegammage_ways_achieve_our_purpose_life.pdf
Forgiving Those Who Hurt Yougammage_forgiving_who_hurt_you.pdf
God and Forgivenessgammage_god_forgiveness.pdf
Reasons To Let Gogammage_reasons_let_go.pdf
Seven Invisible Enemies that Trap Us in the Prison of Selfgammage_seven_visible_enemies.pdf
Suffering – Our Response and How to Helpgammage_suffering_helpful_responses.pdf
The Bahá’í Concept of Heaven and Hell; Rewards and Punishmentsgammage_heaven_hell_rewards_punishments.pdf
The Three Participants in the Divine Plan: The
Individual, the Community and the Institutions
The Three Protagonists in the Divine Plangammage_the_three_protagonists.pdf
The Twelve Steps: Baha’is in Recovery Fellowshipgammage_the_twelve_steps_quotes.pdf
Thirteen Steps To Becoming Obedientgammage_thirteen_steps_becoming_obedient.pdf
Twenty-Five Ways to Become Chastegammage_ways_become_chaste.pdf
Twenty-five Ways to Let Go of Anger and Bitternessgammage_let_go_anger_bitterness.pdf
Ways to Break the Cycle of Violence and Abusegammage_break_cycle_abuse.pdf
What Good Can Come From Suffering?gammage_what_good_suffering.pdf
Will and Testament and Funeral Arrangementsgammage_will_testament_funeral_arrangements.pdf
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