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TITLEPlatón, Leonardo y el sistema del Monte Carmelo
AUTHOR 1Ernesto Fernandez
ABSTRACTThe symbolic systems of Plato and Leonardo da Vinci, and their modern architectural representation in the Shrine of the Bab and the slopes of Mount Carmel. Includes English essay "Leonardo and his Vitruvian Man."
TAGS- Philosophy; - Symbolism; Architecture; Arts; Leonardo da Vinci; Mathematics; Plato; Science
About: From the beginning, man has pictured himself installed in a symbolic system, in a metric structure of space and time, through which he comprehends reality. World, city, temple and calendar traditionally respond to this design. This book is dedicated to the study of these structures and their transformations, focusing on Plato's and Leonardo da Vinci conceptions, and in its modern architectural representation on the slopes of Mount Carmel.
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