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TITLEA Non-Governmental Perspective on the Relative Effectiveness of Multilateral and Bilateral Measures to Combat Hate Speech: An Analysis of Tools Deployed in Response to Religious Hate Speech in Iran
AUTHOR 1Bani Dugal
CONTRIB 1Morten Bergsmo, ed.
CONTRIB 2Kishan Manocha, ed.
TITLE_PARENTReligion, Hateful Expression and Violence
PUB_THISTorkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher
ABSTRACTInternational Human Rights framework; Iran's obligations under international law; history of Bahá'í persecution; connections between media, propaganda, and violence; reactions and responses to hate speech from the United Nations and the global community.
NOTES This book is offsite, posted under Open-Access Copyright at
CROSSREFaudio-visual recording of Bani Dugal's statement to CILRAP’s conference in Florence in April 2022 on the same topic (off-site)
TAGS- Interfaith dialogue; - Persecution; - Philosophy; Balkans; Bani Dugal; Buddhism; Christianity; Hate Speech; Hinduism; India; Intolerance; Iran (documents); Islam; Israel; Japan; Laws; Media; Myanmar; Persecution, Iran; Religion (general); United Nations; Violence

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