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1978 Ridván The 50 minute film Retrospective was made in tribute to Hand of the Cause John Robarts and the occasion of his fortieth anniversary as a member of the Bahá'í community. It was commissioned by the National Spiritual Assembly and made by CINÉ BAHÁ'Í. [CBN No 313 Mar/Apr 1978 p3] - Film; Retrospective; John Robarts; Toronto, ON
1978 Ridván A number of Assemblies formed after Ridván: Gordon's Reserve, SK, Ermineskin Reserve, AB, Glendale-Cobequid, NS, Pasqua Reserve, SK, Kimberly, BC, North Battleford, SK, Uxbridge Township, ON

As of the 26th of June, 1978, the total number of local spiritual assemblies in Canada were 229. Indications were that the formation of an Assembly in Stratford, ON was imminent. [CBN No 315 June/July 1978 p5]

Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Statistics; Gordons Reserve, SK; Ermineskin Reserve, AB; Glendale-Cobequid, NS; Pasqua First Nation, SK; Kimberly, BC; North Battleford, SK; Uxbridge Township, ON; Stratford, ON
1978 Ridván [CBN No 315 June/July 1978 p5] Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
1978 Ridván The formation of the first Spiritual Assembly of Merrickville, ON. The founding members were: Linda Smith, Anne Shuster, Barbara Mayo, Sam Morgulis, Michel Seguin, Mary Cooper, Karen Dingwell, Zilda Milne, and James Milne. Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Linda Smith; Anne Shuster; Barbara Mayo; Sam Morgulis; Michel Seguin; Mary Cooper; Karen Dingwell; Zilda Milne; James Milne; Merrickville, ON
1978 Ridván The formation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Summerside, PE. The members were: Lana Quinn, Brian Quinn, Vivian O'Neill, Pat O'Neill, Louise Polland, Paul Vreeland, Jane Anthony, Sharon Dyas, Nora Holland. [CBN No 315 June/July 1978 p5] Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Lana Quinn; Brian Quinn; Vivian Main; Pat O'Neill; Louise Polland; Paul Vreeland; Jane Anthony; Sharon Dyas; Nora Holland; Summerside, Prince Edward Island
1978 Ridván The formation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Summerland. The members were: Marjorie Pearson, Ilene Ross, Constance Bergstrom, Howard Miners, Marguerite Miners, Mary Cecilia Malins, Bonnie Olson, Gary Arnold, Robert Olson. [CBN No 315 June/July1978 p5] Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Marjorie Pearson; Ilene Ross; Constance Bergstrom; Howard Miners; Marguerite Miners; Mary Cecilia Malins; Bonnie Olson; Gary Arnold; Robert Olson; Summerland, BC first spiritual assembly of Summerland, BC
1978 Ridván The National Convention was held in Fredericton. Those elected to the National Spiritual Assembly were: Glen Eyford, Michael Rochester, Hossain Danesh, Husayn Banani, Jameson Bond, Elizabeth Rochester, Douglas Martin, Ruth Eyford, and Ed Muttart. [CBN No 315 June/July 1978 p7] National Convention; Glen Eyford; Michael Rochester; Hossain Danesh; Husayn Banani; Jameson Bond; Elizabeth Rochester; Douglas Martin; Ruth Eyford; Ed Muttart; Fredericton, NB

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