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1977 9 Jul "The first new Spiritual Assembly since Ridván this year was formed in Hull-Ouest, Québec, on July 9. The National Spiritual Assembly warmly commended them on this victory of "establishing a new pillar of the Cause in so important a region of the country." The inaugural members were: Denys Laurin, Yves Charbonneau, Pierre Dagenais, Martel L.F. Piché, Jean-Guy Galipeau, Bill Lemmon, Phoebe Anne Lemmon, Robert Chaffers, Kaye Chaffers. [CBN Issue 306 July 1977 p11; from an email 4 November 2022 from National Archivist Ailsa Hedly Leftwich]
  • The assembly area is now known as Chelsea. Chelsea was named after the Vermont town of its first settler, Thomas Brigham, who was a partner and son-in-law of Philemon Wright and arrived there in 1819. The name has been in use since the early 19th century: Old Chelsea (1819), Parish Saint-Stephen-of-Chelsea (1835), Chelsea (circa 1870). In 1875, the municipality was established as Hull-Partie-Ouest, or commonly referred to as West Hull. The municipality was renamed to its current name in 1990. [Wikipedia]
  • Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Hull-Ouest, QC; Hull-Ouest, QC; Chelsea, QC; Outaouais Cluster; Denys Laurin; Yves Charbonneau; Pierre Dagenais; Martel L.F. Piché; Jean-Guy Galipeau; Bill Lemmon; Phoebe Anne Lemmon; Robert Chaffers; Kaye Chaffers; Hull-Ouest, QC; Chelsea, QC first Spiritual Assembly in what is now called Chelsea, QC

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