Chronology of the Bahá'í Faith in Canada

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1975 22 Sep The formation of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Gatineau, QC. The founding members were: Pierre Dagenais (Chairman), Jack McLean (Vice Chairman), Helen Michelin (Secretary), Richard Gordon (Treasurer), Brigitte McLean, Renée Dagenais, Nahid Gordon, Tony Panalaks, and Kamal Toeg. [from an email from to Jack McLean (A121577) 11 July 2022] iiiii Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Outaouais Cluster; Jack McLean; Helen Michelin; Pierre Dagenais; Richard D. Gordon; Brigitte McLean; Tony Panalaks; Renée Dagenais; Nahid Gordon; Kamal Toeg; Outaouais Cluster; Gatineau, QC the formation of the first Spiritual Assembly of Gatineau, QC

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