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1968 Ridván The formation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Lucerne, QC. The founding members were: Beatrice B Major, Hedda Rakovsky, Hubert Schuurman, Don Dainty, Ron Nablo, Olga M Earwaker, Suzanne Schuurman, Diana Dainty, and Edna Nablo. [from an email 4 November 2022 from National Archivist Ailsa Hedly Leftwich] Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Outaouais Cluster; Ron Nablo; Hubert Schuurman; Edna Nablo; Don Dainty; Diana Dainty; Susanne Schuurman; Hedda Rakovsky; Olga M Earwaker; Olga M Earwaker; Beatrice Major; Lucerne, QC the first Spiritual Assembly in Lucerne, QC
1968 Ridván The members of the twenty-first National Assembly elected were: Jameson Bond, Ronald Parsons, Douglas Martin, Michael Rochester, Donald Glen. Angus Cowan, Tom Anaquod, Rowland Estall, and Lloyd Gardner.

The delegates too the National Convention were asked to elect a replacement for Lloyd Gardiner who was appointed to the newly-created North American Board of Councillors which made him ineligible for membership on national or local administrative bodies. Ballots were sent out to all delegates, but their return was delayed by a mail strike. When the count was finally taken the result was a tied vote and the delegates were required vote again, making their choice between the two people who received the equal number of votes. The deadline for the return of this second balloting was delayed in order to allow time for those attending the Oceanic Conference in Palermo to return to their homes. The deadline was set for September 17th. Mr. Ed Muttart of Fort Qu'Appelle was selected. [CBN No 223 Sep/Oct 196 p9].

National Convention; Jameson Bond; Ronald Parsons; Douglas Martin; Michael Rochester; Donald Glen; Angus Cowan; Tom Anaquod; Rowland Estall; Lloyd Gardner

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