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TITLEBahá'í Question' in Iran: Influence of International Law on 'Islamic Law'
AUTHOR 1Christopher Buck
TITLE_PARENTMenschenrechte in der Islamischen Republik Iran: Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran
CITY_THISWürzburg, Germany
ABSTRACTOn the "Baha’i question," a secret Iranian government document from 1991 which sets out oppressive policies to persecute or imprison Bahá'ís, and the history of the legal and practical implementation of such policies.
NOTES Mirrored with permission from
TAGS- Persecution; Iran (documents); Law; Persecution, Iran
About the book: The Islamic Republic of Iran is bound by the customary content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In Iran’s constitution, however, equal rights apply only to Muslims. Also, the protection by law in the constitution is granted to the citizens of the Islamic Republic exclusively within the framework of the Twelver Shiite interpretation of Islamic law. As a result, there are different rights for different people, depending on gender and religion. How universal human rights are discussed and dealt with in Iran on this basis is the subject of this anthology. [-editor's note, 2021]
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