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TAGS: - Philosophy; Consultation; Ethics; Knowledge; Michael Karlberg; Social change

TITLEKarlberg's Notion of Consultation and Bahá'í Consultation (Ontological Truths, Knowledge and Ethics)
AUTHOR 1Filip Boicu
ABSTRACTMichael Karlberg proposes a "consultative epistemology" as central to the Bahá'í methodology for social change. The claim is that a new model for civilization building has been born, one that transcends previous limitations.
NOTES Mirrored with permission from See also the full article An Analysis of Michael Karlberg's 'Ontological Foundationalism' (Boicu, 2022).
About: In his book Constructing Social Reality. An Inquiry into the Normative Foundations of Social Change (2020) Michael Karlberg proposes a particular “consultative epistemology” as central to the Bahá’í methodology for social change. This “consultative epistemology” constitutes the main argument of the book, its backbone, and its most significant claim. Karlberg’s key contention is that this ‘consultative epistemology’ manages to finally reconcile the tensions between “truth and relativity, knowledge and power, science and religion” (p. viii) and thus transcend the main crises and fault lines of modernity. The claim, therefore, is that a new model for civilization building has thus been born, one that transcends previous limitations. The section you will read is a revised short fragment from an article entitled "Strong Foundationalism in the Bahá’í Faith? With an Analysis of Michael Karlberg's 'Ontological Foundationalism.'" (
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