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TITLEOn the Notion of a 'Conceptual Framework' in Bahá'í Education: Part 1. The Harmony of Science and Religion
AUTHOR 1Filip Boicu
ABSTRACTLooking at the notion of a conceptual framework for Bahá’í education from the perspective of the integration of science and religion suggests the Bahá’í community is currently undergoing a significant epistemological transition (e.g. 'anti-racism').
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TAGS- Curriculum; Education; Science
About the author: Filip Boicu holds a PhD in Education from the University of Nottingham and an MA in International Education from the University of Bath and is a reviewer for the International Journal of Educational Development. He writes in the field of higher education and is concerned with how digitalization and curriculum-building can respond to issues of world order. He is also currently exploring notions of a conceptual framework for Bahá’i education. Occasionally, he writes think-pieces connecting the two.
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